We are very excited that Alex of Multiracial Media recently interviewed photographer and director Suzie Strong for his podcast, Multiracial Family ManSwirl Nation Blog first featured Suzie as a Featured Multiracial Individual back in May. I personally met Suzie earlier this year when she showed her art in an art show that I was lucky enough to curate. Take some time to listen to the podcast here and get to know Suzie better! 

You can take a look at her work here and on IG.

More information can be found here

Ep. 92: Suzie Strong is an award-winning, Los Angeles-based photographer and director.  In her photography work, she specializes in creative portraits and fashion.  She directs and shoots feature films, short narratives, music videos, experimental shorts, promos and fashion shorts.

Suzie also has a fascinating multiracial heritage, with Lebanese, German, Irish, English, Spanish, & Native American roots.  Interestingly, her family immigrated to the United States through New Orleans, rather than Ellis Island, and her family culture and traditions mainly reflect the culture of New Orleans which Suzie calls “a beautiful quilt of many types of people.”  She adds: “Our home was always a southern island on the west coast. We also honored our Lebanese background with lots of Lebanese cooking!“

Listen as Suzie explains her Lebanese (and other) roots and the juxtaposition of those with New Orleans culture.  And, hear how her ancestry and heritage have informed her life and work.

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Published on: November 22, 2016

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