A Lesson to Humanity – ‘The Final Act?’

The final act

What exactly is the final act?

She has, like any other human being, only one life to live.  She finds herself in the middle of the avenue, strolling at random speeds to no avail.  She has encountered many of the unexpected turns and swerves and she has compensated generously for the losses.  Yet, she has found herself in the middle of a drama in which we are all actors and actresses.  Success or destitution belongs to her ‘for the taking’.

Although we are given due credit as the editors, it is imperative to comprehend that we are not The Playwright.  We cannot write or rewrite the play or even make great amendments to large portions of the play.  Our road has been paved; our future forever engraved. While we have yet to perceive it, it has already happened.  It is over but we have yet to start. We have made every mistake. We have reached the dead end before beginning the path.  We do not know it.  We do not understand it.  There is not much use to attempt to interpret these concepts.  We must understand one thing: we do not own the rights and we cannot erase or otherwise manipulate the script of the play… only… small…edits.

Though the edits may be small, one must adhere to the rules of a board game.  A small step or change may greatly impact the result. One must move wholeheartedly.  There must be no regrets.  There is no opportunity to begin again. Every action is ultimate, final, terminal…  With each edit, we become wiser, but we lose.  We lose the opportunity to exist once again, in that place, in that moment, in that time, with those people, with those feelings, in that expressionless and seemingly timeless atmosphere.  Of course, time was not regarded, but it existed, it had meaning, and it is lost…

…forever, there is none…

When the drama increases in intensity or there was too much tragedy and not enough comedy, she searches for the intermission.  However, the drama is unique in the fact that there are no intermissions.  Thoughts cannot be interrupted, the biological and chemical processes within the body of the human being have yet to pause, and a breath cannot be halted – without momentous consequences.  Although forewarned, she proceeds to the non-existent ‘intermission’ only to find herself in the midst of the next act.  There is no break – and now each edit has become more meaningful, each action filled with more regret, and each moment of time has doubled in the amount yielded during the loss.

Nevertheless, the human being is excessively tenacious.  She edited the script to create an intermission.  Breaking the rules, she finds herself in the midst of the Final Act.  Every pang of conscience swells within her mind, every lost moment drenches her entire physical presence and compels her toward a downward spiral as would a vicious gravitational pull of derision.  Every thought has a consequence.  Every second is worth three million of twice its kind.  Every edit is worth the exponential value of life or death.

It is worthless.  She disregards the Final Act.  She is nonchalant in her decisions.  She anticipates the fall of the curtain at the most crucial hour, even though it is apparently nonsense.  Many clamor for the era in personal time in which she considers ‘insignificant’; those with terminal diseases, those begging for their lives in the face of a criminal with an empty conscience, the embryos whose lack of a proper environment seals their fate, the person who was judged by those whom resist to give a reason, the otherwise unfortunate, and the abused… all wish and long for her opportunity, to perform in the Final Act…

…an opportunity in which she may have given away…

Final actAurelia Gooden is a long-time resident of Detroit and an engineer currently working in the Birmingham, Alabama area. She is also a Ph.D. student studying psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is also a candidate for Ms. Corporate America, 2017. Her platform involves improving conditions for women’s healthcare and increasing the number of female physicians. In addition to her corporate ambitions, Miss Gooden is also a freelance pianist and chamber music composer. During her time at Jacksonville State University, where she studied piano for several years as well as percussion and composition, she received several academic scholarships and music scholarships. During her formative years, Ms. Gooden participated in violin studies. She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Jacksonville State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Special Honors in Music and a Master of Arts degree in Music. Additionally, she was also the valedictorian of Northern Senior High School in Detroit, Michigan and has studied music as well as science at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She was an active member of the Birmingham Art Music Alliance from 2010 until 2015. She enjoys studying and performing piano music from the Romantic Era and cites her compositional style as Neo-Romantic. Ms. Gooden is extremely interested in the relationship between neuroscience and musical aptitude. As a synesthete and a person who experiences cross-modal perception, she dedicates her free time to exploring topics of this nature. In addition, music theory and Late-Romantic theoretical analysis are also among her avid interests. Ms. Gooden is a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Omicron Delta Kappa, the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

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