A Multiracial Princess!

A Multiracial Princess!

While I didn’t want them to be, princesses are a big thing in our house. My four year old daughter is in love with Frozen. She, Elsa, wears socks on her hands to avoid freezing the people she “love most in this world.” Her two year old brother is forced to play the part of Anna, and search for her, Elsa, all over our house while she hides in the “North Mountain,” the cardboard box in our playroom.

She recently asked me if princesses are real and if she could see a real life castle. I affirmed the existence of princess but demurred on the Google search of castles until I could do some research and pull up princesses of all races and colors to ensure she had a multicultural and representative tour of castles around the world. I never quite got around to my research, it sat at the bottom of my to do list. And suddenly, like a gift,  blasted all over the media, was a gorgeous mixed race princess-to-be that bears a striking resemblance to our own home’s mixed race Elsa.

I showed our daughter a picture of the smiling couple and exclaimed “this is a real live princess. She has a mom with dark brown skin like your daddy and a daddy with white skin like your mommy and she looks a lot like you!” My daughter looked surprised, saying “I didn’t know princesses could have brown skin. I thought they had to be white skinned.”

As heartbroken as I was by that statement, I was equally happy that Meghan Markle will be the princess my daughter watches on TV, the one she grows up with, as I did with Diana. Reoresentation matters and my daughter seeing such a capable, talented woman who looks like doing amazing, wonderful things cannot be underestimated.

Hate has been normalized in ways I never anticipated possible in the last couple of years. 2017 has peeled back any evidence that race doesn’t matter and racism is in the past.  I’m grateful that it ends with us knowing that Harry fell in love with Meghan and that Meghan fell in love with Harry. Their multiracial family will be prominent, loving and important and a multiracial princess will always be normal to my children.

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Published on: December 6, 2017

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