Age Appropriate Hairstyles?

As a parent I am faced with many different decisions that I must make when raising my kids. Am I being too harsh on them? Too light? Should I give them more freedoms? Less? Do I let my daughter get her haircut even though I think she’ll regret it? I know I personally struggle with knowing if I made the right decision. One that I’m not sure about is if there are certain hairstyles that are or aren’t age appropriate for my daughter.

Too Young for Certain Hairstyles by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media _ straight hair using E'tae

What are your thoughts on that? Do you ever see a hairstyle and think it isn’t appropriate for that age of a kid? I’ve seen some that I think were way too old for kids, especially little girls. Maybe I am being judgmental? Probably.  (Hey I’m not perfect… I can admit that) There are certain clothes and styling that I think are inappropriate too. Kids should be kids for as long as possible and we shouldn’t rush them to look older than they are. I know I also struggled when I straightened my daughters hair for her birthday… she looked so much older! (If you want to know what we used.. it was the E’TAE naturals productsaffiliate link)

Does anybody else know what I mean? What are your opinions on this? Is there such a thing as a hairstyle not being age appropriate? Let me know below.


Thanks for reading!

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