Bay Area Author Prepares for Release of Second Novel: An Absolute Mind


An Absolute Mind debuts on November 15, 2016

Lauren Lola, a frequent contributor to Multiracial Media and an author from the San Francisco Bay Area, is about to release her new novel, An Absolute Mind. A science fiction-adventure novel, it explores the overly defined meaning of freedom, via a rising movement during optimistic times.

Sonya Ogino is enduring the stresses of everyday college life when she discovers that she is a carrier of a cognitive ability called Absolute Memory. This discovery automatically puts a target on her back for underground gangs who aim to kill off people with this ability. Under the guidance of her godmother, Sonya is taken to a secret safe island for her protection, only to learn who the real forces behind the island are. That’s when Sonya must look within herself, in order to go forth and fight inaction with action.

An Absolute Mind is a Departure From Lola’s First Novel

An Absolute Mind is the second novel written by Lola; having previously released her debut novel, A Moment’s Worth, in 2014. While mostly mum about the details regarding the making of An Absolute Mind, she has mentioned how the novel not only greatly differentiates itself from her previous work, but also that the idea predates it as well.

“The second book is going to be very different from the first one; in style, genre, plot, the whole enchilada,” she said in an interview for last year. “There will be some connections amongst certain characters that you may not see coming, but it’s not at all to the extent as it was in A Moment’s Worth. But I’m okay with this, for I actually got the idea for this next novel several months before A Moment’s Worth.”

Lola hopes that through Sonya’s hero’s journey and the world her story is set in, readers will find the endurance within themselves, to take action and tackle the issues that are presently happening.

An Absolute Mind will be released on November 15th. It will be available for download on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords. This will also be the first novel of Lola’s to be available in print, which can also be found on Amazon and other retailers. For more information about her work, be sure to visit

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