Bedtime Basics for Curly Hair

Do your kids wake up with a rats nest in the back of their hair? Do they fuss and cry when you try to detangle after a rough nights sleep? Then I recommend learning a few tips and tricks on how to prepare your curly multiracial kids hair before bed to help avoid the dreaded next morning bed head.

Bedtime Basics for Curly Hair Kids

Bedtime Basics for Curly Hair Kids

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  1. Put their hair into a Protective Style before bed. This can be something as simple as one braid. I personally recommend at least sectioning the hair up into a few sections and braiding it up to help cut down even more on the knots and tangles. If you are looking for a few ideas on some simple Protective Styles I have a few tutorials on The Mixed Mama Blog that you can check out here, here, and here.20161023_205643
  2. If you don’t want to do some sort of style before bed, then I recommend that you minimally put hair up into a pineapple. If you aren’t sure what that is… check out the column post from a few weeks ago on Common Curly Hair Care Terms. Common Curly Hair Care Terms - Definitions and Explanations _ Blog Cover
  3. Once you put their hair into either a protective style or pineapple it, then I HIGHLY recommend using some sort of sleep cap/bonnet. A few options you can explore are using a buff, satin sleep cap, satin sleep bonnet, and lately we have also been using a wave cap. These will help protect the hair from friction while moving when asleep.               20161023_210927
  4. Another option, that can (and should be) used in conjunction with the above is a satin/silky pillow case. This will also prevent friction and thus frizziness. This is a great option if your kid won’t keep a sleep cap on at night.                             Sweet Dreams Luxury Satin Pillowcase with hidden zipper
  5. In the morning you can then take out the protective style or the pineapple and refresh the curls. We usually use a spray bottle filled with water, a bit of leave in conditioner, and some hair oil. I spray down the curls with this mixture, add in some leave in/conditioner in it, comb it with either a wide tooth comb or finger comb it, and then add some hair oil to it. Another option is to just leave the protective style in. Beautiful Kids_2

That’s it! Simple things you can do to help protect the curls and cut down on frizz and tangles. Seriously once I learned out to protect my girls curls her hair started growing like weeds so it is in your best interest to learn and put some of these tips into practice. If you would like to learn more about taking care of Multiracial / Biracial / Mixed Kids hair then don’t forget to check out my site Mixed Family Life as well as continue to check out this weekly column here on Multiracial Media

Disclaimer- I am not a professional… this is just what I’ve learned through research and trial & error. We are always learning and I am not afraid to admit if I am wrong and made a mistake. It’s ok if you do too. We, as parents, aren’t perfect. That’s ok. As long as we try as hard as we can for our children.

Again, if there are any specific topics you are interested in learning about or reading please let me know either down in the comments below or by emailing me directly at: with “Multiracial Media Column Question” as your Subject line.

Thanks for reading and good luck!                         nicholette-the-mixed-mama-signature


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