Beyoncé’s Twins Have Arrived!

In case you’ve been living under a rock with no access to news sites, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, ebBay,, and any other site with a comment section or social feature, The Beyhive has grown by two!

Beyoncé set the bar for celebrity baby announcements so high when she opened her jacket mid-performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and revealed a baby bump.


Beyoncé’s announcement about Blue Ivy at the 2011 VMA Awards. Credit: Images Complex

From then on, the baby watch was on as people speculated on the details of what was arguably the highest-profile Black celebrity birth in at least the last few decades. The hype heightened when it was announced that the baby’s name was “Blue Ivy,” sparking an uproar of appreciation and disapproval from all ends while continuing a long history of celebrities naming their children unique (and sometimes strange) names.

So how was Beyoncé, known for her theatrical announcements (Hello, does anyone else remember the number one album she released with no warning or marketing?), going to top her first announcement-pregnancy-birth sequence? By having twins, of course.

If you heard the announcement and are anything like me, this was your reaction.

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As soon as the twin announcement was revealed, fans went wild with theories of what hints she may have dropped prior to the announcement and went into typical levels of Beyhive excitement, claiming that Beyoncé had “saved” 2017. The more astronomically-inclined members of the fan base ogled over the fact that as her pregnancy progressed, it looked like Beyoncé would doubly out-Beyoncé herself by not only having twins, but Gemini twins.


Beyoncé and her twins. Photo credit: Beyoncé’s Instagram page.

Now that they’re here, it has been confirmed—Sir Carter and Rumi (as she named them in her Instagram post) were born June 14. Yes, that is how she presented it. Not Sir and Rumi Carter. Sir Carter and Rumi. Many fans wondered following the post if this meant she had named her son Sir Carter Carter, or if this was just a syntax issue. Tina Knowles, Bey’s mother, clarified later, calling the two “Sir Carter” and “Rumi Carter.” While the jury’s still out on where Sir’s name came from, the consensus seems to be that Rumi got her name from the 13th century Sufi poet.


Blue Ivy (center) in Formation video.

Beyoncé’s path to motherhood has been bittersweet, as she suffered a miscarriage before Blue Ivy was born. Since Blue was born, the internet has been ablaze with comments on Blue’s looks, including her resemblance to her father and especially Beyoncé’s decision to embrace Blue’s natural hair, with words like “nappy” being thrown around. The controversy led her to clap back in her song “Formation,” as she told critics, “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.” Even Beyoncé can’t catch a break as a mom.

With two new babies in the spotlight, it will be interesting to see how they’re raised in years to come and what the media will have to say about it. Celebrity children are always under intense scrutiny, but since Beyoncé is a non-White celebrity in mainstream culture, her children will likely be facing conflicting beauty and behavioral standards at ages too tender to be subjected to any beauty standards and, together with the children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, could potentially set a precedent of what ultra high-profile non-White celebrity kids look like. But for now, I’ll go back to squealing over those adorable little faces.

What do you think of the names Sir and Rumi? What’s next for the Beyhive, triplets?

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