images-1How good is life supposed to be without the beauty of diversity?

Society constantly seeks reasons to deny me of an equal opportunity.
Developing strategies to seduce me into self-pity, their plans are witty.
Creative by the minute, good intentions are diminished; they are limited.

ussezMy dark chocolate skin against his vanilla flesh is bliss.
Love is our twine and God is our witness.
Society can’t respect love because they’re blinded by color.
No other is a bigger destroyer. Color destroys lives, closes eyes, paralyzes, and doesn’t sympathize with the sadness in lonely lives.
Color is the reason why people remain single.
They are afraid to mingle because it evokes fear in the naysayers.
Color peels back their layers of insecurities, ignorance, and impurities.

Only the strongest will survive the race war that is very much alive.
“DO NOT MIX TRIBES” is misinterpreted. I will not associate with the devils culprit.
Where there is a black me, there is a white him…an interracial ministry.
We are filled with God’s love & mercy, His motive remains a mystery.
But God represents beauty. I know He saved me. Destruction is rebuked.
I am not to be ridiculed. Jesus died for the ministry. He created us to unite and maintain His victory.

13490763_566742246836984_7577296392392117182_o-1Marina McClendon is a dedicated stay-at-home mom, writer, and poet. Pursuing passion and purpose, and striving to reach greater heights of self-actualization are important to her. Bold in her delivery, Marina writes her poetry according to her own personal experience and feelings. Hoping that people can relate, she writes from the perspective of embracing changes that are taking place inwardly and loving without racial boundaries. Marina enjoys spending quality time with her diverse family, which consists of her Caucasian husband, Ernie and their 3 beautiful, bi-racial children: Marley, Andrew, and Novah.

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Published on: November 23, 2016

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