Black, Puerto Rican, and the son of a dentist, comedian Beecher Taylor talks Multiracial experience and the one-ness of the human race, Ep. 168

Ep. 168: Beecher Taylor is a man of the people — all people.  A Multiracial (Black and Puerto Rican) man who grew up in Connecticut, Beecher was able to move in and out of different groups and communities with some facility, given his racially and ethnically ambiguous features.  After attending Howard University, Beecher moved on to a career in comedy in acting.  Beecher has performed in the Brooklyn, & Boston Comedy Festivals and this year’s Skankfest,  
& was the WINNER of the Connecticut Comedy Festival. He was a Contributing performer for the Off Broadway show NEWSical the Musical & has recorded segments for the Wendy Williams Show & MTV2.  Beecher appears in HBO’s Vinyl, The Get Down on Netflix, & The Jim Gaffigan Show.  Also, look for him in Look for him on the Spike Lee Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It and in the Netflix Original Movie Okja.

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