You walk in the café. It’s Saturday afternoon, almost evening, cocktail hour. As you approach the bar, you notice that all around you people are engrossed in conversation, reading, writing, drawing. They seem so diverse and different, but they also seem to be moving, talking, engaging with one another on the same wavelength. That’s when you notice the music. It’s not loud, but it’s not too subtle either. It’s not music you’ve heard before, yet it seems so familiar. There are hints of jazz and house and rock. You notice bass and drums, and a singer intoning lyrics that you hear but cannot discern. You find yourself moving to the beat. Not much. Not actually dancing. Just slowly swaying. That’s when the bartender catches your eye. He is friendly and confident. He smiles at you as if he’s known you all your life. You lean in and ask him: “What is this?

“It’s the Multiracial Media Music Café. We’ve been waiting for you.”

Multiracial Media Music Café – the soundtrack you know and love.

On this page, we’re featuring and profiling musicals artist in the Multiracial Community (e.g., musician, singer, DJ). And, if you’re a musical artist in the Multiracial Community, we want to showcase your work. Please click here to submit your work, which we will be honored to feature here.

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    Aline Vida

    Embracing life as it unfolds isn’t always an easy feat, yet singer/songwriter Aline Vida does it so effortlessly in song. Her timeless vocals fit alongside contemporaries such as Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareilles, and Jessie Ware. After a three-year break, Aline Vida returns with a hypnotic 5-song stunner entitled Alive. This EP, her long-awaited follow-up to 2013’s And Now, was written and recorded with Vida’s longtime collaborator, drummer Warren Grant, in his Metronome Studios in Middle Village, NY. Here, she delves into a rich palate of R&B, electronic and soul for her most sonically ambitious effort to date. “Warren studied song …

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    James Avatar

    New York native James Avatar is a Digital Media Artist (Art Director, Photographer, Singer/Songwriter and Multimedia producer). His work history includes co-founding the art collective BROOKLYN MEDIA LAB (2002-2004), serving as music director for the animated online series WHIRLGIRL and songwriter for the Brooklyn “Kid-Indie” Rock Band AUDRA ROX. After completing 2 grants for an original multimedia after school program, James launched AVATARDED MEDIA, a multimedia production company in New York. James is also performer/producer for the Jazz/EDM music act FILTER KINGZ and is the creative director & founder of the online music collective CHRONIC ELECTRONIC ORCHESTRA. James was recently a songwriter for the new YouTube Web series “47 Secrets To A Younger You” and currently …

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    Westside Wisemen

    Westside Wisemen is a multi-genre band from Los Angeles, California. Ronnie Nells, Kevin Kim, Reed Puckett and Lance Tamanaha began as friends that met on the west side of LA. After realizing that we were all musicians, we soon formed and started playing local gigs. Quickly becoming known for our unique mash-ups and vocal arrangements, Westside Wisemen took a residency at the oldest live music venue on the west side, Harvelle’s in Santa Monica, and have not looked back. Our first EP, None The Wiser, is a 6-song record they released recently showing off their sound and range. You can count on a Wisemen …

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    Maya Azucena

    Maya Azucena, a multi-award winning recording artist and magnetically inspirational woman, is known for making music that uplifts the soul. Born & raised in Brooklyn, she travels the world empowering others through her songs. Featured as a coach, mentoring a teenager on MTV’s Made, Ms. Azucena also garnered a Grammy Certificate for contributing her 4-octave range and soul-stylings to a feature performance with Stephen Marley on his album “Mind Control,” which won Grammy for Best Reggae Album. Maya’s collaborated extensively on stage and on recordings with such notable artists as Fitz and the Tantrums, Marcus Miller, DJ Spinna, DJ Logic, …

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    Charise “Lake Lady” Sowells

    Charise “Lake Lady” Sowells is an independent songwriter who has toured the US, performed internationally, and been featured in Ukulele Magazine and SF Weekly as well as more than 30 other media outlets. Her songs have been played on radio stations in the UK, USA, Australia, and Sweden. Sowells also holds a BFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she was awarded twice for her scripts. A former MTV music video junkie, she has written, produced and directed music videos under her company name, Unabashed Productions. She and her husband currently reside in Los Angeles. …

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    Cory, aka iLLspokinn

    One show. That’s all it takes to recognize that the artist known as iLLspokinn is not your average Emcee or DJ. As he explains, when it comes to motivating crowds and rocking a party, “It just takes one show for them to know…what I do.” Since relocating from Taunton, Massachusetts to New York City a little over a decade ago, iLLspokinn has moved crowds from Brooklyn to Budapest, compiling the type of resume and audience most artists dream about. With a focus on staying true to Hip Hop’s roots while also propelling it toward the future, iLLspokinn has garnered a …