Celebrating Multiracial Families in 2018

We have been thinking a lot about how to create more hope and love in the world, especially for families of color.  This led us, along with our dear friend, Joelle,on our own hopeful beginning – we created Loving Lion Books (www.LovingLionBooks.com), a children’s publishing company that creates beautiful and customizable children’s books. Customers choose, from a pre-drawn menu, the race and/or ethnicity of the main characters.

In our first book, Love Family, customers customize the parents, the daughter and the grandmother in a universal and sweet story about a large family meal.  In just a few weeks, we’ll add same sex parents as a much needed option.  In total, Joelle drew 512 book combinations.

Our world is so wonderfully diverse, it took us over 100 orders until a customer ordered the same book as another customer. Our biggest challenge as a company is that we can’t meet the needs of our customer fast enough as there is such a death of books, art, and toys that celebrate, reflect and honor children and families of all colors.

We started Loving Lion Books because we want every child in this country and in this world to know that they are normal, healthy, beautiful and they matter. We also want every child to know the same of every other child.

We believe books are a critical tool for building self love and empathy. We believe our books will be a force of good. We know too that watershed moments aren’t simple or clean, and they require work and hard, hard conversations. We are willing to have them and join them, and listen to them. We want very much to be a company where all people find stories, pictures and words that reflect their own important world.

How will you help foster hope and love in this new year for your multiracial family?

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