When It Comes to Writing, Never Box Yourself Into a Corner—Vivienne Diane Neal

Writing-BooksWhen It Comes to Writing, Never Box Yourself into a Corner. I have never been one to box myself into a corner. When I started my business in 1980, I decided to reach out to the global village with my service, even before the word global became a popular phrase. The same holds true when it comes to writing my fictional crime stories.

The tales I write about are universal. Therefore, it makes sense to market my books to as many readers as I can and try to make my characters as varied as possible. It is true that readers have a fondness for various genres, and that is understandable. If you write mysteries, then you would aim your book to consumers who enjoy reading whodunits. The same holds true if you write tragic romance novels, paranormal, political thrillers, or science fiction. You would pursue those who enjoy reading these brands of storytelling.

This means not just targeting your book to one particular group. You will want to publicize your work to every individual that enjoys reading your type of creations.

Why I Don’t Box Myself Into a Corner

When it comes to writing fiction, I want readers to identify with my characters, love or despise them, picture certain events in the narrative that can or has happened to the reader. I try not to make direct references to the characters’ color or ethnicity. I leave that to the reader. The point that I am trying to make is “Don’t limit yourself or your work.” Let the world know that your writings are for all to read and enjoy, no matter what your color, ethnicity or gender is. Not only will you increase your chances of selling more books, but you may also obtain a new audience who probably would have never considered buying your books because you chose to narrow your focus.

The stories I write fall into the crimes, hoaxes and deceit genre with a mixture of love, romance, fraud, scandal, lust, and revenge. Characters always end up being hurt or destroyed, emotionally and/or financially. The plot usually involves two or several protagonists: Some desperately searching for love and romance, while others plot to use those desires to commit double-crossing acts.

As tragic as these stories are, I always try to add some humor to my stories. Even cunning folks can sometimes be hilarious. Although the narratives are a mirror to the real world, my stories do not end happily ever after. The message I try to infuse is “Not everything that glitters is gold. You must always look at people with a jaundiced eye, and pay attention to those in-your-face warning signs.”


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