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Raising children comes with responsibilities that we must take on as parents. Whether it is through interracial relationships or transracial adoptions, caring for multiracial children, especially children of color, requires a lot of parents to step outside of their comfort zone to learn new things. Part of those tasks include learning to care for their hair. Many multiracial children of color have curly hair and not all parents are familiar with curls. Even parents with curly hair usually have to learn a new set of skills to properly care for biracial / multiracial hair. This is where Biracial Basics: A Guide for Parents of Curly Multiracial Children comes in.

Biracial Basics - A Guide for Parents of Curly Haired Multiracial Children - by Nicholette Thomas _Cover

Over the years I have had to learn through trial and tribulations different techniques that have helped keep my two kids hair healthy. They both have curly hair, but have slightly different textures. My daughters hair is incredibly long and my sons hair is short. Learning these different skills is what led me to creating Mixed Family Life. My blog where I share different tips and tricks on caring for curly, multiracial hair. It also led me to writing this hair care column for Multiracial Media.

Mixed Family Life - Tips, Tales, and Tutorials

Throughout my writing, I’ve always thought how it would be handy to have a guide with tons of information, visual tutorials and pictures, product recommendations, and more in one easy, go-to book. This is what led to the creation of Biracial Basics. I’ve compiled 20 plus chapters on everything from How-To Detangle hair all the way to Wash Day basics.

The book is currently available for Pre-Order through Amazon and is scheduled to be released October 1st, 2018. You can place your order now and be one of the first people to get their hands on this anticipated book. You would also be supporting a mom trying to do her best for her self and her family which is always a good thing.

Thanks for reading!

Nicholette Signature _ Mixed Family LifeYou can also check out Nicholette’s first book, Ibari’s Curls, available now through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Ibari’s Curls is an illustrated children’s book about self-love, body autonomy, acceptance of differences, and even some basic curl care. 


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