David & Roselyn

David & Roselyn

David and Roselyn met while touring Air Force Bases in 1959. They took a detour from music for David to get an Anthropology Degree from Berkeley while Roselyn became President of Berkeley Congress of Racial Equality and President of the Berkeley/Oakland Democratic Party. Their first trip to New Orleans together came while they were registering voters in Louisiana in 1963 and learning to play the blues in Juke joints around the state. They played by their campfires throughout the west and folks would gather around them and invite them to join them at their campsites and suggested they should be professional musicians. Their first gig was in the Cass Corridor in Detroit where they were billed as David & Zelda. They have played around the world and they are going again.

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Photo credit: Kaitlin Hanarahan

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Published on: May 17, 2017

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