Designs on First Lady Fashion

The fashion worn by a First Lady often can be part of defining the legacy of a Presidential Administration. Think of Jackie Kennedy. Or Nancy Reagan. Or Michelle Obama. When you do, it quickly evokes imagery about the Presidential eras of which they were a part.

Given the ability of First Lady Fashion to define an Administration, its message to the Public, and the fashion of the day, it is no wonder that one of the greatest honors that can be bestowed upon a fashion designer is to have their designs worn by the First Lady.

Now, in the wake of the Election, Michelle Obama’s favorite designer, Sophie Theallet, seemingly concerned about the discriminatory rhetoric that has been attributed to the Trump campaign, is refusing to design for incoming First Lady, Melania Trump. And, Ms. Theallet is asking other designers to do the same.

Will other designers sign on to this campaign? If they do, how will this affect the imaging and message of the Trump Administration, and the ability of that Administration to represent all Americans? And, how will that impact the legacy of the Trump Administration and the First Lady?

It remains to be seen. However, one wonders whether this is not the first in a series of similar protests by those who provide services to and render services for the White House and the Administration.

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