Free Verse for Prince

A fitting name
For divinely gifted talent
He could make you feel in colors and hear in flavors and turn your mind in circles
With simply a phrase
Masterful magician of word and song and prose
Artful crafter of ribbons of melody
That dance in my head joyfully still today
Intricate weaver of emotion and song
Threading our ears and our minds with his very heart
For his very heart
Was in every note
And every phrase
And every riff
It overflowed
Thank you
For letting us experience your genius
And your heart
You gave so much
Thank you for sharing your gift
Good night, sweet Prince
You are missed


A fairly uncomplicated woman. Yes there is such a thing. Married to my wonderful husband since 2009. I enjoy reading and writing about a variety of issues, especially art and music. My name is Amanda Smith. You can find me on Twitter: @amandasmith1077


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Published on: April 21, 2017

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