Girls and their Mothers

Girls and their Mothers

These portraits look at the complex identity of multiracial individuals, a visually underrepresented group in Scotland.  Instead of questioning their ancestry or scrutinising their appearance, I chose to photograph girls and women of mixed heritage and their mothers with an intent to question social perception.  These images display their relationships, linking these girls and their mothers together while at the same time respecting their disparity.

Sixteen families have taken part in Girls and their Mothers, and there are a complete collection of 48 images.  The images were exhibited across the Greater Glasgow area throughout 2016 with thanks to initial exposure from STV and much valued support from Streetlevel Photoworks, East Kilbride Arts Council, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, and Threads of Sound.



Kim Simpson is a photographer and from Glasgow, Scotland who focuses her practice in portraiture and still life, exploring identity and the impact of the Visual Norm.  Kim’s ongoing personal project ‘Exottish’ challenges the Visual Norm in Western society.  This has been inspired by the experiences of raising her daughter who is of mixed race in the same Scottish town where Kim herself grew up.

Kim studied photography at City of Glasgow College and graduated with honours in 2015 after undertaking a self initiated study in to the inherent racism in photography which saw her produce her dissertation titled ‘The Visual Norm; Inequality in Western Photography’.


Exhibition of Works:



-Film City, Glasgow June 2015

-Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow July 2015

-Eastwood Theatre & Gallery, East Renfrewshire. October 2016-January 2017


“Girls and Their Mothers”

-East Kilbride Arts Centre, East Kilbride February 2016

-Streetlevel Gallery, Glasgow March 2016

-Hillhead Library, Glasgow April-May2016

-East Kilbride Central Library, East Kilbride June-September 2016

-Eastwood Theatre & Gallery, East Renfrewshire October 2016 – January 2017


“There’s Glass Between Us”

-Dysfunction Modern Art Gallery, Strathaven September 2016

-McCune Smith, Glasgow October 2016

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2 Responses to Girls and their Mothers

  1. Delyth Evans says:

    This is beautiful, I would love to see this exhibition travel south! Even some more studies from across Britain, like here in Wales! 😉 Thank you for these studies X

    • Alex Barnett says:

      Thanks so much for writing. We love these too and hope she will continue to share her work with our Multiracial Media Community.

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