God Bless America by Fable The Poet

God Bless America

Marcel Price, a.k.a. Fable the Poet introduces his latest video, God Bless America

Marcel “Fable The Poet” Price is the new Poet Laureate of the second biggest city in Michigan (Grand Rapids) and he is far different than any of his predecessors. In this post he also introduces his latest video, God Bless America

Fable is the first individual of color, and youngest person in city history to hold the title.

Fable is releasing a series of visual projects this year, in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month the first of which will be God Bless America a poem talking about mental wellness, the pharmaceutical industry in America, and the abuse of the drug industry in the United States.

Fable believes that individuals of color far too often do not talk about their struggles with mental health, and with people of color being 30% more likely to be over medicated when diagnosed, it is his duty (as well as other artists) to inform people that it is natural to seek help, but also natural to be weary of “The System”.

But need your help to spread the word, and help us to launch the release of the God Bless America video.

It is nothing like any other poet has released.

The music on this project is entirely done by live instrumentation; jazz, classical, blues, and composition majors from all around the state of Michigan. #ProjectCastAway (The full length album containing God Bless America) is a musical project unlike any other, shining the light on what it is like to be a person of color navigating America, struggling with a mental health diagnosis.

God Bless America Video

The God Bless America video will go LIVE Thursday May 18th, and even if you do not post it that day, we would love if you did a story on the video, or simply shared it.

This poet has announced his largest tour outside of the state (Along with poet KFG). Beginning in August 2017, Price has booked over 25 shows for “Unpacking Tour”. These upcoming shows will bring him from Austin, TX to Philly, PA hitting many states along the way. This equates out to traveling to over eleven states over six consecutive months. 

Touring is more than just traveling and performing at new venues, it allows an artist to bring a new dynamic back to the community. Price is better known by his pen name, Fable or “Fable the Poet”. He co-hosts “The Drunken Retort” at Stella’s Lounge in Grand Rapids and is a teaching artist through a collective called The Diatribe. His weekly shows encourage local artists of all kinds to come out and share their work, and with the diatribe, has been in over 20 schools in the last year. 

“We need to travel, to learn, grow and experience all that other art scenes have to offer so we can then pass that knowledge to others in our community making our scene stronger. We do this so we can potentially be lucky enough to be heard and enjoyed by others, or possibly truly touch someone in a life changing way” explained Fable. 

Fable is traveling with “Adrift in a Sea of M&M’s” a 14 poem chapbook based on mental disorders and mixed race issues published by Autonomous Press. His book explores the hardships he experienced as a young minority diagnosed with bipolar and depression as a child. His love for the arts isn’t limited to nightly shows, as stated above Fable is also driven to get the younger generation involved with spoken word and poetry through his showcases at colleges and public schools. 

As a person who is passionate about working with the youth, Fable sees them combatting the same issues that he grew up fighting and feels inclined to speak to the younger generation about the issues that plagued him. 


Marcel “Fable” Price

Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids Michigan

Author of “Adrift in a Sea of M&M’s”


…Is a Bi-racial North American writer, teaching artist, community activist, and motivational speaker.


Fable The Poet is highly noted for his work with the youth; spreading Mental Health Awareness using his own stories to consume the audience.

“At times, we all feel fragile. We are paper boats entertaining the waves of life.”

He is an official partner of Mental Health America and is known across the nation for crowd-interactive features that leave those attending enlightened and empowered.

Buckle up, prepare to make a new friend, and enjoy the ride.


Website: www.MindOfFable.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FableThePoet



For further information please contact:




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