Who Is The Most Important Multiracial Person of All Time?

Who is the most important Multiracial person of all time?

It’s an odd question.  Can it even be answered?  One would imagine it would be a different answer for different people.  Also, there’s the difficulty of knowing which historical figures from eons ago actually were Multiracial.

Still, is there a person who, arguably, is the most important Multiracial person of all time?

One can certainly make an argument for some contemporary figures like Barack Obama or Bob Marley.  Other notable figures one could point to include Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington.  But, again, it’s difficult to go back too far in time to know who exactly was Multiracial (or, indeed, who wasn’t) and then there’s the added wrinkle of determining how one defines what makes a person “important” let alone the “most important.”

Also there’s the fact that women’s contributions to history were often overlooked.  In addition, as we know, so much about the history of people of color was “whitewashed” (excuse the pun), making it even more difficult to do an honest, objective investigation into this question.

And, of course, there’s the fact that we understand race to be a relatively recent (in terms of human history) human-made construct, created to keep people apart.  So, it makes even more difficult to ascertain who in years gone by was Multiracial.

In any event, though, we come back to our original question.  Is there a Multiracial person we can agree upon who has had the singular greatest positive impact upon the World beyond the contributions of any other Multiracial person?

We’ll be honest, we hesitate to even venture a suggestion for fear of overlooking someone or alienating someone else.  Certainly, one would think Barack Obama has to be mentioned in the conversation if only because the office of President of the United States, by definition, makes the President an enormously important person while that person is in office (and for years after).

But, are there any other persons who rise to that level or who exceed that level?

We don’t know.  So we’re opening the floor for nominations.  What do you think?


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