Keep Trying – Basis of Multiracial Kids Hair Care

Each week when I am thinking about what I should write, I sometimes ask my daughter what she thinks I should write about. For the last 2 weeks she’s been telling me that I should “tell people it’s ok if their hair is messy, it can be fixed.” I think she is on the right track.

Keep Trying - Basis of Multiracial Kids Hair Care by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Now some of you may be wondering… didn’t she write something telling us that we shouldn’t have our kids walking around looking unkempt? I did. The key point is that you are trying. I was referring to folks who don’t even try. We can’t all be perfect from the get go. Even after years of practice. This is especially true of parents of multiracial children. We may be used to only taking care of hair that is like our own, and then we have kids and have to learn all new techniques. But that is ok.

When my daughter was younger, I did not know what I was doing. I tried and tried though. Did research, asked questions, and tested different products until I figured out (for the most part) what I was doing. Once I figured out how to take care of my girls hair and keep it healthy, her hair grew a ton. That’s the other important key… keep your kids hair healthy.

Keep Trying - Basis of Multiracial Kids Hair Care by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media_Hair Growth

Between Age 2 and 3 her hair grew from her ears to her mid back. It’s now to her knees!


They don’t need to have the most fancy hairstyle, but as long as you are keeping their hair healthy, that is what truly matters. Now don’t get me wrong though… taking care of your kids hair and making sure they feel good in their own skin and confident is important too. Hair is very important, even if we don’t want it to be, or pretend it isn’t. Simple hairstyles can protect their hair and are easy to do.

So what am I trying to say? What did my daughter want me to tell people? That it’s ok if your kids hair is messy. It doesn’t mean you are a bad parent.  But you do have the responsibility to try to learn how to properly care for it and keep it healthy. Making that easier for multiracial family parents was why I started my blog – Mixed Family Life. I hope to help make it simpler for parents to care for their biracial / mixed / multiracial kids hair. Just Keep Trying.

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