Kiyoko McCrae

Kiyoko McCrae

Kiyoko McCrae is a songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and banjo player who resides in New Orleans. Known primarily as the lead singer and guitarist/banjo player for By & By String Band, McCrae is currently writing songs that transcend the old-time/country sound she is known for, drawing from country, blues and soul, creating a timeless but unique sound. McCrae performs solo and as a duo with Rick Weston on harmonica and as a trio with Tony Frickey on drums.

By & By String Band was nominated for Best Country Album of the Year for their debut album “Little Darling Pal of Mine: Songs of the Carter Family” and Best Country Band of the Year in 2011. They are currently working on their second album featuring their original songs.

McCrae plays banjo with My Graveyard Jaw, an all original haunting country, americana, band known for their fusion of haunting gypsy blues, folk , and country music, they push to progress the essence of New Orleans sound. My Graveyard Jaw recently signed to Farmaggedon Records.

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