Letter From the Editor: Multiracial Media’s New Look


Multiracial Media's new lookHi Multiracial Community! Welcome to Monday! Alex and I have some news. We want to introduce Multiracial Media’s new look. We listened to what you like about the Multiracial Media website and what you ignored and we made changes accordingly.

Multiracial Media’s New Look: An All New Menu / Navigation Bar

You in the Multiracial Community made it pretty clear what you like and what you don’t like and the new Menu / Navigation Bar reflects this. Rather than make a distinction between the various types of submissions we get from the community and what what those of us on the team write, we put it all under one roof, so to speak. Voices of the Community is simply that: Anything that involves writing—whether written by one of us on the Multiracial Media team or you in the Multiracial Community at large, it goes under Voices of the Community.

Multiracial Media's New Look


Letters from the editor (penned by co-founders Alex and me) and my Sarah’s World Beat columns are also contained within Voices of the Community. TaRessa’s Complexion Chronicles and Multiracial News Round Up will also go here.

We publish the Letter from the Editor every Monday and Sarah’s World Beat every Tuesday. My #SarahsWorldBeat column focuses on issues that are of interest to the global #MultiracialCommunity.

We reserve Monday and Tuesday nights and Wednesdays for continued submitted from the #MultiracialCommunity.

Part of Multiracial Media’s New Look: Ask Lisa: Advice for the Multiracial Community Gets its Own Category

Multiracial Media's New Look

#AskLisaAdvice gets its own category!

The #AskLisaAdvice column is very popular. The premise is really simple: People in the Multiracial Community write in and ask a question about something that’s troubling them. Lisa offers advice based on both her personal and professional experience. Lisa is Biracial: White and Jewish/Black. Lisa Rosenberg is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been in private practice since 1999. Lisa is multiracial—black/white—and specializes in counseling multiracial families, couples and individuals including issues related to transracial adoption.

Ask Lisa: Advice for the Multiracial Community runs every Thursday.

Co-founder Alex Barnett’s Multiracial Family Man Podcast

Multiracial Media's New Look

The Multiracial Family Man podcast

The Multiracial Family Man Podcast is an interview program that explores issues of concern to multiracial people and people in multiracial families and relationships (including the dynamics between members of the same family who are of different races). Alex is White and Jewish and he’s married to a Black woman (who converted to Judaism) and together they’re raising their 5-year-old Biracial son.

Alex posts a new podcast every Sunday morning.

#LovingPortraits, Painting & Photography, Video & Film

Multiracial Media's New Look

Videos and films

Part of Multiracial Media’s new look was to put all visual medium under one roof. If you send us your video, short film, painting or photograph, it will end up here.

Multiracial Media has a new site


This includes the extremely popular gallery of #LovingPortraits. We post a new #LovingPortrait every Friday morning.

Multiracial Media Music Café

Multiracial Media has a new website

Multiracial Media Music Café

If you are a musician or singer and you’d like Multiracial to showcase your music, this is where it would end up. We want to spotlight your musical talent. Every Friday night is Music Café night.

Resources Section

Multiracial Media has a new site

Multiracial Media Resources page

In our resources section you’ll find published books written by people in the Multiracial Community. if you are a published book author, use the submit box to let us know. Please make sure to include:

  • Your full name
  • Name of your book
  • Screen shot of your book (hi-res photo is best)
  • Where your book is sold
  • Your bio

When it’s all compiled, it will look like this:

Multiracial Media's new look

Being Biracial: Where Our Secret Worlds Collide

Another part of Multiracial Media’s New Look is Making it Easier to Reach Us

If you want to make a suggestion or ask us a question, please go to the contact page and fill it out.

Multiracial Media's new lookIf you want to submit a piece of writing (essay, non-fiction, fiction and/or poetry), film, video or photograph (not a #LovingPortrait), please either use the yellow submit box on the right hand side of every page (just below the #LovingPortrait submit box) or you can also click here.

Multiracial Media's New lookIf you’d like to #AskLisaAdvice, she has her very own submission form, which can also be found at the top of the Advice page.

If you have a compelling story and you think the #MultiracialCommunity would want to hear it, use this form to send Alex your synopsis. He responds to everyone! 🙂

If you live outside the United States and you’d like me to spotlight something about your culture, custom, art, etc. please drop me a line and I’d be happy to interview you for an upcoming Sarah’s World Beat column.

Multiracial Media's new look

Multiracial Media’s #LovingPortraits Submit box

Are you part of an #interracial relationship / marriage and/or a #multiracial family? Would you like us to take your photo and turn it into a #LovingPortrait? Then use this form to submit your photo and we’ll happily add it to our gallery of #LovingPortraits. Although the #LovingPortraits pay homage to the 1967 United States Supreme Court decision to legalize interracial marriage in all 50 states, because Multiracial Media is a global site, we’ve opened the Loving Portraits gallery to you no matter where in the world you live.

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