Love Reveals: A Novel—Stev Fair

Leo Love, and his only son, Michael, navigate their way through the cultural limitations and divisions that afflict American life. Starting from the 50s and into the new Millennium, their lives at times cross with the lives of some of history’s greatest icons. Joining their intellects and talent together, they become beacons for the Doomsday Clock. As champions for Human Rights, they wage war on ignorance through love and wisdom. This romantic and historical story breathes life into some of recent history’s great icons including:

  • The man credited with creating the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer
  • Physicists such as, Albert Einstein
  • Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin L. King
  • President John F. Kennedy
  • Social Activist and heavy weight boxing champion Muhammad Ali
  • Many others


Author Stev Fair…Narrates: Freedom’s Plow
A Poem Langston Hughes



Steve and his family

Steve and his family

Stev Fair is an Author, Songwriter and Entrepreneur. His other books are the best-seller: Athletics a Vehicle to a Winning Attitude, and Goliath Stumbles. He founded, Shield A Systems, Inc. and partnered it with a Fortune 25 Corporation. Later, he sold that firm and traveled extensively worldwide. His living abroad and global travel has given him a unique perspective on common challenges of exploited people regardless of their nationality, culture, ethnicity, or religion.

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