Loving All Year

LovingAs we know, June 12, 2017 was Loving Day and marked the 50th Anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia (which held that laws prohibiting interracial marriage were unconstitutional).


Actually, it turns out the answer is not so fast.  In fact, as noted in an article for the Pew Research Center by Gretchen Livingston (a senior researcher focusing on fertility and family demographics at Pew Research Center): “[o]ne-in-seven U.S. infants (14%) were multiracial or multiethnic in 2015, nearly triple the share in 1980, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data.”

With that kind of explosive growth, it’s clear that Multiracial people are becoming more and more of a demographic force to be reckoned with. (It also means that quite a few people of different races are having sex).

As the Multiracial Community continues to grow in number, it would seem that it is entitled to more than just one day. At some point, there will be a sufficient number of Multiracial people and Multiracial families, that they ought to be entitled to a whole month (or at least a week). By way of illustration, we note that April is National Occupational Therapy Month.  If Occupational Therapy can get a month, it would seem that Multiracial people and families ought to have one too. Think of the enormous contributions of Multiracial people (even in just modern times, one thinks of Barack Obama, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz, Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Dwayne Johnson and Bob Marley to name but just a few).  Now, let’s see you name all the celebrity Occupational Therapists.


This is not to diminish the critical role played by Occupational Therapists, but none of them was the 44th President of the United States. None of them brought us the Audacity of Hope. None of them was married to a kick-ass First Lady who reminded us that “when they go low, we go high.” Again, this is not to besmirch or belittle the contributions of the Occupational Therapists of the World. They play a critical role. But, none of them got Bin Laden or saved the Auto Industry or helped provide health insurance to more than 20 million people

But, enough about Occupational Therapists. This is, again, not to pick on them. It is to underscore the growth of the Multiracial Community at such a rate and to such a size, that the Community must and should garner attention on more than just one day a year (though Loving Day is an important day and should not be given short shrift, nor, indeed, should the contributions of Mildred and Richard Loving, who lent their name to the Supreme Court case and the day).

In other words, Loving Day is but one day a year. There are 364 more of those per year (except in a Leap Year, when there are 365). That is quite a few days, and they are days on which those of us in the Multiracial Community should be asking for, demanding, and creating attention for our burgeoning “family.”

So, I am here to suggest that the Multiracial Community take up a whole commemorative month. June is a natural (though June already serves as LGBT Pride month).  Perhaps a month during the Fall, a season which is particularly propitious, given the many different colors that coexist and are clearly visible in the foliage of that time of year.

But whether in fall or spring, winter or summer, the Multiracial Community ought to have its own month, not to mention a calendar that marks for each day of the year, accomplishments and events of note to the Community. Because June 12 is Loving Day, but every day is for those who love justice, equality and love regardless of one’s background.

So, here’s to the growing Multiracial Community.  May it continue to grow and flourish.

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