Multiracial family mom, Obama neighbor, and former dancer, Keesha Beckford, Ep. 34

Ep. 34: Keesha Beckford is a former dancer, who turned to writing as her creative outlet when she became a mom.  It has turned into a successful second career as the creator and writer behind Mom’s New Stage, a blog about Keesha’s own multiracial family, featuring herself (an African-American woman), her husband (a White man), and their two terrific kids (a biracial boy and girl who are starting to experience and understand the complex issues of race and racism).  Check it out here:

Listen, as Keesha describes her journey from Queen, New York to Princeton University to dance as a profession to becoming a mom and the journey that took her and her family from New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, to Chicago, where they are now the Obamas’ neighbors.

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Published on: October 11, 2015

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