Multiracial Kids Hair – Wash Day Basics in 10 Easy Steps

Washing your kids hair is something we should all know how to do right? I mean it’s not rocket science right? Unfortunately that’s not always true… especially for parents of multiracial / mixed kids. A lot of the time parents are taking care of hair types that are different than their own and what they are used to.  So how do you learn how to properly take care of biracial / multiracial / mixed kids hair? Hopefully you read this weekly column… and you can also check out Mixed Family Life (previously known as The Mixed Mama Blog) for tons of tips.

Wash Day Basics in 10 Easy Steps - Mixed Kids Hair Care - by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media Hair Care Column

This week we are going to go through some basic tips and steps on how to wash mixed kids hair:

First piece of advice is to NOT OVERWASH their hair. Multiracial / curly hair does not need be washed as often as white / Caucasian peoples hair. Washing strips the hair of its natural oils. For curly hair we want to KEEP as much of that as possible. We wash our kids hair once per week. Find what works for your kids hair but don’t be stuck with the notion that you have to wash their hair every day or every other day. You can CO-WASH frequently though.

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Wash Day Steps:

  1. Once a month or so we do a DEEP conditioning. First we section the hair and then we put Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Oil on her roots (or you could use one of these Top Hair Oils), and then pick a deep/thick conditioner to put all through the rest of her hair. After coating her hair we then use the Thermal Hair Care Kids Little Hot Head hat cap to really get the hair to open up and absorb the products.  (Bonus? They have a sale right now that if you use B2S10 you get 10% off your order!)   Thermal Hair Care's Little Hot Head Review Blog Cover
  2. In the bath we keep the hair parted and works in sections to make it easier (for me and her!)  Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Sectioning the Hair
  3. Shampoo the roots (or co-wash if you are doing the CG Method). Take a few minutes to really scrub the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles and get all the gook off/out. Rinse.                                  Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Shampooing the Roots
  4. Coat the hair in conditioner. For this step I recommend using one that is more affordable because its best if you really drench it in conditioner. Personally we have been using Tresemme or Mane n’ Tail.  Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Conditioning
  5. Detangle with a wide tooth comb. If you want a break down of how to best do this check out the previous post on detangling.  Basically hold the hair in your hands above where you are combing. Start at the bottom and work towards the roots. Rinse out that conditioner.                                                Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Detangling
  6. Coat the hair in a leave-in conditioner. The kind you use will depend on your kids hair texture.  Thinner hair needs a lighter formula and denser hair needs a thicker one. We have been loving the Many Ethnicities Kids Leave-In Conditioner and think it would work for many hair types. Comb through.  Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Many Ethnicities Kids Leave In Conditioner
  7. Lather hair oil up in your hands and finger comb through their hair.  We concentrate its more so on the ends and work our way towards the roots. I also like to squeeze the product into the hair. Not sure if this does anything but I like to pretend it does. Lol. This will take some trial and error to find out which one works for your hair and how much. I error on the side of caution because you can always add more but you can’t take it away.                                                                                                                       Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Squishing in Hair Oil
  8. Braid the section when you finish. Continue until you have finished the entire head.
  9. Style or put into a protective style for bedtime.                                                          Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Bedtime Ready with Satin Bonnet
  10. Enjoy! (Ok technically this isn’t a step… but so what. <3 )                                         Wash Day Basics - Mixed Hair Care - Cute Curly Hair

That is our Wash Day Basics. Please let me know if you have any questions below.

Disclaimer- I am not a professional… this is just what I’ve learned through research and trial & error. We are always learning and I am not afraid to admit if I am wrong and made a mistake. It’s ok if you do too. We, as parents, aren’t perfect. That’s ok. As long as we try as hard as we can for our children.

Again, if there are any specific topics you are interested in learning about or reading please let me know either down in the comments below or by emailing me directly at: with “Multiracial Media Column Question” as your Subject line.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!

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Hi, My name is Nicholette, and I am the mom behind “Mixed Family Life.”  Hair care can be a cultural barrier, so how does one do the hair of multiracial children?  As the white mother of two mixed kids, I felt it was my responsibility to learn how to properly care for their hair.  This personal pursuit led me to share what I’ve learned through my blog where I provide tips, tricks, and product reviews so that other interracial parents don’t have to make the same mistakes I’ve made.  I also share stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned through parenting.  Join me in our goofy adventures and learn some hair tips along the way.

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