Multiracial Media Profile: Lakia Shavon Lightner

Lakia Shavon LightnerPlease tell us your name: Lakia Shavon Lightner

Please tell us your age: 37

Where do you live? (City, State, Country): Connecticut

Did you grow up in a Multiracial family? If so, please tell us about that. Yes I have relatives that are, Native American, Black and White.

If you’re in a Multiracial family or relationship currently, please tell us about that (and if that differs from the family setting in which you grew up, please do tell us about those differences). My Native American family always showed me acceptance. The Black relatives gave me hell. And the White relatives gave me love.

Have you ever experienced racism directed at you or a family member (or relationship partner)? If you’re comfortable doing so, please tell us about that. Yes the Black relatives I have always stated, “you think you’re better than us, because of that skin color.” Also other degrading words came from their mouths.

In your job/career, do you work on issues relating to the Multiracial community or the Multiracial experience? If so, please tell us about that. If you have samples of such work that you’d like to share (jpegs, links to video or music, etc.), please do send along in the fields below. Yes, my careers are surrounded with the multifamily community.

What do you think are the biggest misapprehensions or misunderstandings that people have about Multiracial people and/or Multiracial families/relationships? We don’t know who we are.

Do you have a favorite Multiracial celebrity or celebrity Multiracial family/couple? If so, why? No, I like them all

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Mixed Chicks Sorority Incorporated, Mix Race Love Magazine, Mixed Television Network and Mixed Race Museum is coming soon.

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