Multiracial News Roundup: On ‘Mulatto,’ Love Behind Loving, and Not Weaponizing Mixed Kids



The most controversial term to describe Black/White Mixed folks is in the news, as a young rapper’s moniker and the reason a play was banned in Minneapolis. Meanwhile, check the love behind a book about the Lovings, and one woman’s plea to stop using Mixed kids as weapons…

Miss Mulatto ‘Starstruck’

Miss Mulatto is an Atlanta teen rapper who won season one of rap legend Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game” competition on Lifetime TV. Dupri has taken Mulatto under his wing, and she said she’s “starstruck” to be in the same studio with him. According to Rolling Out, “The 18-year-old is gearing up to release her new mixtape, Latto Let Em Know all while juggling life as a high school senior and business manager for her clothing boutique … Read more

Play banned for The M-word in Title?

Meanwhile, a city-owned theatre near Minneapolis has rejected a play by a Biracial artist because having “Mulatto” in the title is too offensive. Derek “Duck” Washington, a local playwright, wrote “Caucasian-Aggressive Pandas and Other Mulatto Tales,” which the Ames Center had planned to produce. The Burnsville mayor and other local officials said they were cool with the content of the play, but couldn’t abide “Mulatto” in the title because it’s “offensive” and “derogatory.”. Read more

Love Behind Loving

Barbara Villet wrote the text for her late husband Grey’s photographs in the book The Lovings: An Intimate Portrait. “And while the book chronicles the life of a bi-racial couple who so loved each other they fought arrest and Virginia’s racial purity laws in the 1960s, the story of the Villets is also one of profound love,” states the Post Star. Villet said that she and Grey “were joined at the hip and we cared about the same things … He was my best friend.” Read more

‘Stop Weaponizing Biracial Children” Pulls No Punches

A woman writing for Wear Your Voice magazine as “Femme Feminista” let it be known that the weaponizing of Biracial and Multiracial children must stop. “…I remember hearing it countless times growing up: you have the best of both worlds and it’s people like you who will end racism! … It doesn’t work that way … stop weaponizing Biracial and Multiracial children for the sake of making white supremacists angry … stop dehumanizing us as if we were grenades.” Read more

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