Multiracial News Roundup for the Week Ending October 6, 2017

Multiracial Media News Roundup for the Week Ending October 6, 2017

Race and racism never take a day off, and Multi-racial people and issues continue to make headlines. From a high school footballer fielding death threats for taking a knee in support of equality, a new podcast with a unique approach to discussing racism, and an intersectional model fired from L’Oreal for being too outspoken, to a look at how racial identity in the Caribbean blasts out of the USA binary, and a look at whether having Mixed-race children and/or grandchildren automatically means that folks can’t be racist – here’s the latest, greatest news!

Cardi B

Questions About Hip Hop Star’s Racial Goes Beyond Racial Binary

Cardi B, who describes herself as a “regular, degular, schmedular” girl from the Bronx is in the spotlight with a number one single and debates swirling about whether the daughter of a Dominican father and Trinidadian mother is Black, Latino, Afro-Latino…or what.

As Blavity reports, “While Black is what Cardi herself identifies as and not everyone else’s view of what she is, there are some facts to consider in this ongoing debate. For starters, Caribbean identity is not one that fits easily into perfect little boses marked black or white. It is such a richly-mixed region of the world with a variety of races, languages, dialects and everything in between. The result is a hefty multicultural blend that is it is impossible to cite just one place for its influences …

“Caribbean-Americans, especially of mixed roots like Cardi B, are then put in a sticky situation when forced to identify with an ethnic identity or race that doesn’t necessarily describe them in their entirely or even at all.”

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Teen Protester Not Deterred by Hate & Threats

Ismail Stewart, a senior and football player at Niskayuna High School in Niskayuna, NY, became a media sensation after taking a knee for justice. The Biracial 16-year-old, several teammates and a cheerleader kneeled as the National Anthem played before a game, sparking nearly 5,000 social media comments that ranged from supportive to hostile to outright death threats.

“’It’s so much bigger than football, it’s so much bigger than the National Anthem,’” he told the Daily Gazette. “’It was surprising to know I sparked that much hatred. It brings into light the fact that there are actually people out there that believe there are no injustices going on…”

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Interracial Friends ‘Talk About Racism So You Don’t Have To’

Paul Traynor and Tania Richard have teamed up for a podcast to talk about race among friends, and with guests on their show. The show, “Race Bait,” boasts the tagline: “A Black woman. A White man. We talk about racism so you don’t have to.”

Traynor told that the conversations are humorous and spirited. “’The goal is to treat the subject seriously, but not take ourselves seriously … We want people to feel entertained … and somewhat encouraged. That’s because the show aims not to be divisive, but to ring people together through honest conversation.’”

To listen to Race Bait go to

“Race Bait” launched in January and has 26 episodes which include trending news stories, movies, books and television shows – from “events in Charlottesville, Chicago violence of the Philando Castile verdict, to popular culture like the television shows ‘Black-ish’ and ‘The Jeffersons.’ Invited guests include authors and experts, including Cheryl Judice, author of Interracial Marriages Between Black Woman and White Men, and others.

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Mixed-race Transgender Model/Activist Fired from L’Oreal Campaign for Speaking Out About Racism

Munroe Bergdorf, a Mixed-race transgender model/activist was hired as an ambassador for L’Oreal’s #YoursTruly campaign, then fired for talking about systemic racism and the ways in which White people don’t have to be “’actively’” racist to benefit from structural racism.TheDe

As TheDebrief asked, “The question that lingers is how much do large brands like L’Oreal really care about ‘championing diversity’ if they fire an activist for speaking out against racism? How deep are their attempts at being inclusive? And, whose values are they protecting?”

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Can People with Biracial Descendants Be Racist?

The increase in the birth rate of Mixed-race babies comes with an interesting side effect: grandparents who might deny that they could be racist because they have descendants of color. As columnist Helen Ubinas writes, “’I’m finding more people trying to deploy the ‘I can’t be racist … My grandchildren/children are Biracial as a free pass to be as offensive as you please.’”

Helen Ubinas quotes an expert: “’Tanya Hernandez, professor of law at Fordham University and author of a forthcoming book, Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination, said it fits into a larger societal idea that having closer relationships with people of other races can make people more empathetic.

“’It’s a nice thought – especially after the post-racial fantasy we all fed on for the last eight years, and the ongoing myth that as the country’s demographics become more diverse, racism will be eradicated. But the reality can be much more complicated, and painfully personal.’”

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