My Skin Color, my Media and I

My Skin Colour, my Media and I

Alex and I are pleased to share this upcoming book with you, called My Skin Colour, my Media and I.

Knowing how quickly the Multiracial Community is growing, more needs to be done to help parents guide their children through modeling confidence about themselves: their intelligence, their beauty and their understanding about who they are in the world. And we believe the upcoming book My Skin Colour, my Media and I will help us get there.

The author, Jyoti Gupta, is reaching out to the Multiracial Community to help raise funds so she can get her book completed and published, and into the hands of families who will benefit from her book. As someone who has written and published a book about being part of the Multiracial Community, I can say that it is very expensive to bring a book to market. I had a co-author, but bearing the cost on one’s own is difficult.

Unfortunately time is running out because the fundraiser ends tomorrow at midnight Eastern Standard Time. To learn more, to donate and/or to find out other ways you can help Jyoti publish her book, My Skin Colour, my Media and I, please click here for more information.

A message from Jyoti:

My Skin Colour, my Media, and I, is a parent-and-child activity book that introduces skin colour to children in a healthy way. It dismantles our own, and our media’s thinking that skin colour is related to attractiveness, confidence, and social class. These are all things that children understand, intuitively. As a mom, I’d love to see children respect their bodies and reject the prejudices that come their way. My book will help make this easy to do—early on, and in your own home! Get your copy of My Skin Colour, my Media and I, along with gifts and make this resource available to other parents.

Credit: The Colo(u)rism Project

Jyoti Gupta, author of the upcoming book, “My skin colour, my Media and I.

Jyoti Gupta is a media activist and founder of The Colo(u)rism Project. She was born and raised in Delhi, India, where she majored in visual communications at Delhi College of Art. She relocated to the U.S. to pursue an MA in media studies at The New School of Public Engagement, New York. She is the mother of a toddler and her other baby is a parent-and-child activity book, My Skin Colour, My Media, and I, which introduces skin colour to children in a healthy way.

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