My Yin and My Yang Thang

My Yin and My Yang Thang. Photo Credit: Pixy Baby.

This is My Yin and My Yang Thang
One soul, one body, two halves
trapped in between sparring worlds
My yin and my yang at endless odds

Anxiety filled days of desperately wanting to fit in
to find common ground
Somebody please accept me!

Yes! I am the nicest black person you have ever met!
Yes! I do love Teddy Pendergrass, don’t all black people?

The devil’s on my shoulders are not red and white Instead they are black and caucasian versions of myself !

Bro, “ don’t listen to him, blast your Linkin Park
Speak with enthusiasm and greet everyone with a mighty hello!”
“Dog! Fuck that motha fucka,  pull dat hat back and to the side, pimp dat limp and neva eva let em  see you smile!”

Nowhere to hide
I have mastered the seamless transition of morphology, from perfect English to Ebonics.

The unbroken, never ending, unrelenting inner struggle to find peace within myself….

Fragmented, tormented tug of war between yin and yang of white n black.

I’m am not your nigga!
I’m am not your bro
I’m am not an Oreo!

I am not your dog
I am not your guy
I am not your alibi

My Yin and My Yang At Endless Odds

You call me nigger, cracker, zebra, thin mint, black sheep and pimp

Why do you clutch your purse and walk on the other side of the street? Yes I see you!  I am not a rapist, a drug dealer, a gang banger! What criminal do you see when you look at me?

Why do you follow my hands to notebooks and text and then refer to me as an Uncle Tom? Do I threaten your identity to mother Africa? Do I challenge the legitimacy of your struggle???

My blood runs with two different colors but both carry life to my heart and my soul!

Out of breath
Exhausted thoughts
I see clearly now!

It is YOU who struggle to fit ME into your tainted, twisted, corrupted little box. You twist me, distort YOUR view of me so that YOU can find common ground

! I am perfectly blended
My God is my chef and he has chosen the yin and yang as my ingredients suitable for all I will EVER need!

I get it now!
I see clearly
Finally peace

The answers I sought were not the imperfections you see

The barriers you project on me are born of your own insecurities!
I am who I am supposed to be no matter your feeble attempts to label me white or black.

My yin and my yang were never at war…… they were instead creating peace and understanding for all people …….

My yin and my yang thang
My name is Aaron Janovsky and I am black, Irish, Scottish and Czech, former college swimmer and college swim coach. I did some modeling and acting in my youth. I am the founder and chairman of an organization called Noble Knights who are committed to fighting the homeless crisis in this country and abroad. We also advocate for women’s safety and target the the continued well being and security of our children. We believe that ALL people regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation, or economic status deserve a right to be helped and loved.

I am an aspiring broadcaster and the lead host of a Sunday sports radio show entitled The Arena Chicago Sports Talk on I am also the voice of Proviso East Athletics and an intern for the Chicago Bulls.

I lam talkative and gregarious by nature and I love ALL people. I am a STRONG believer in the good in all people. I am a burgeoning learner and practitioner of Ubuntu and live my life dedicated to being a strong influence of good in this world.


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Published on: March 27, 2017

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2 Responses to My Yin and My Yang Thang

  1. Sarah Asia says:

    This is officially one of my favorite new poems.
    *In my frat-boy peer-pressure chant-voice*: make a video, make a video, make a video, make a video….

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