The Problem with Identity Policing Paris Jackson

Paris JacksonIn January 2017, Paris Jackson, daughter of The King of Pop Michael Jackson was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine. In it, she proudly identifies as Black.

This past week the article resurfaced in social media and now people are losing their minds.

Although I rarely weigh in on celebrity gossip, I felt I needed to because this hits too close to home. Let me just state up front I am pissed off that people are identity policing Paris Jackson. I had just finished reading TaRessa Stovall’s “Wait Up! Who Called the Mixed Identity Police?” piece and thought the timing couldn’t have been more poignant.

Paris JacksonI’ve seen multiple people post this article and then decide that Paris Jackson is not Black, as if someone actually gave them or anyone the authority to just decide someone’s race or how they should or can identify. Those people are ignorant and damaging to Biracial people and continue to perpetuate the issues that Biracial Americans face!

Full disclosure: these are my feelings about both Paris Jackson and Biracial people in general. If other Biracial people feel differently about how to self-identify, I completely respect that, but I don’t appreciate people who are only one race telling Biracial people how we should identify.

NEWSFLASH: Paris Jackson and Other Biracial People Do not Have to Choose One Race or the Other!

And you do not get to throw us in one category or the other because it makes YOU more comfortable with our identity. The fact of the matter is, as a Biracial person you should never have to identify as anything other than Biracial (unless it’s how a Biracial person wants to identify, not because it makes others feel better).  And asking people the question “What race do you consider yourself” or “What race do identify with more?” is problematic and oppressive in its nature. Answering this question with anything other than “Biracial” is quite frankly, not the truth. Furthermore, Biracial people are either pressured into this falsehood and not identifying as Biracial, so they instead “choose”… or they feel like “choosing” is norm, instead of feeling that identifying as they actually are is the norm.

In addition, despite how we identify ourselves, society also feels the need to decide how they will identify us for themselves, and it is rarely Biracial. This is a problem on its own, but since society has chosen to lump us into one racial category or the other with or without our consent (most often without), you absolutely DO NOT get to decide FOR US which category we get to go into!

Paris Jackson

People Claiming that Michael Jackson is not Paris Jackson’s Father are Ignorant and Vacuous!

You have no proof of this and using the logic “she doesn’t even look Black” is about as scientific and logical as people claiming that climate change doesn’t exist! ???? I have a Black mother. Biologically. Most people feel that I do not look “Black” … at all. My son, who would be considered 75% Black, looks just like me, with straight dark hair. I have family and friends who have both “fully” Black parents and have my skin tone or lighter skin tones and straight hair. Anyone who believes that in order to be biologically  Black they MUST present stereotypical Black characteristics and phenotypes, please educate yourself! Your thinking and colorism are hurting both the Biracial and Black communities.

Paris Jackson

In addition, how many of you have been DNA tested to prove either of your parents you grew up with are your actual parents? Please, I’d like to know. If you haven’t, how do you know your parents are actually and biologically your parents? Other than the fact that you grew up with them and you have always called them mom, dad, etc? If Paris Jackson has always been told that a Black man is her father and a White women is her mother, how dare anyone decide that she cannot identify with being a Black female but you call Barack Obama the first Black president! If you have decided that Barack Obama (Drake, Bob Marley, Rhianna, or any other Biracial celebrity) is Black because he / they look stereotypically Black despite having a Black father and White mother, but you decide that Paris Jackson isn’t Black when she has a Black father and White mother, you are perpetuating ignorance, and are no better than the men deciding what women should get to do with their bodies. Hypocritical and over-stepping. In actuality, you’re worse!

Paris Jackson

So to recap: no one gets to decide someone else’s race, and especially not just to justify your narrative or to make you comfortable. It’s not fluid, nor is it up for debate. You don’t decide the races of non-Biracial people. You don’t get to decide ours either.  Let Biracial people be Biracial to begin with. Stop telling us to choose which race we want to be considered. Stop feeling like you can decide which Biracial people meet the criteria for you to consider them one race or the other. How about you just consider us Biracial? Leave it at that. Let us leave it at that? This applies to Paris Jackson and other Biracial people.

Paris JacksonMy name is Brittainy Horton. I’m a 28-year-old Biracial woman (Black mother, White father) raised in the south. I have an 18-month-old son who has a Black father. I have a bachelors degree in psychology and am working on my Master’s degree as a physician assistant. I am also in the process of enrolling in a PsyD program to obtain my doctorate in psychology. I have always been an activist for civil rights, and especially the Black community. My mother was a long term president of our local NAACP chapter and National Black Caucus member, so it is a passion I got honestly. Of course never quite being fully and homogeneously accepted into the Black community because of my Caucasian appearance, I quickly began  to delve into the deeper layer of Biracial identity and what that means in American society and culture.





Photo credits: YouTube: Paris Jackson: the truth about her father Michael Jackson and herself, courtesy of Celebrities TV

2 Responses to The Problem with Identity Policing Paris Jackson

  1. Avatar Lyn says:

    If Paris Jackson is black, then Donald Trump is an Asian man. Seriously? I guess a Martin Luther King Biopic starring Jim Carey as MLK would be appropriate? This is Rachel Dolezeal all over again. But at least Paris has a reason to say she’s black considering her father(though he has a least one child confirmed as not biological and I have no doubt that Paris is not biologically related to him either).

    Race is about phenotype. When you say someone’s black or white, it’s because their features have told you that so to pretend that features don’t come into play here are ludicrous.

    To the author. Is your mother black American? Black Americans are generally 12-20% white. It’s a fact that most biracial children in American these days are mostly white by their ancestry due to the admixture that black Americans already have. Quincy jones ois 34% white and people still refer to him as just black but his offspring Rashida Jones as mixed race despite the fact that she is technically less mixed race than he is. This is important to note.

  2. Avatar John Lucas says:

    Brittainy, thank you for this. I’m glad you put this into words for everybody to see.
    The concept of “RACE” is so convoluted & problematic that it’s no surprise these reactions pop up.
    We are TRAINED, we are CONDITIONED to play in these Separation Games to allow the Elites’ Social Engineering of the Masses. Nothing but Divide & Conquer for the sake hoarding Economic Power.

    The ultimate truth is that ALL “Races” come from the BLACK “Race”.
    You’re only separated by time & location but not by essence.
    And when you get an individual who blurs these “Racial” lines in the sand like you & Paris Jackson do, you get the schizo from “both sides”.
    What both sides are scared of is that they’re really not that separate after all.
    The entire identities they have built up in their separation may collapse to the ground once they recognize how they’re really cousins & siblings to one another.

    It collapses the exploitation economic engine known in the “Western” World as the White Supremacy System but it ALSO collapses the kneejerk reaction to that system known as Black Separatism. That’s why they go crazy. Both the Blacks & the Whites.
    The Whites see with their very eyes how much White is merely a subset of Black.
    If it is a Subset of Black, than naturally it cannot be Supreme OVER Black.
    The Blacks see with their very eyes how easily “The Oppressor” can come from their very being.
    The face of “The Slavemaster” is in your very own family.
    Ask Sister Sledge about it, “♫ WE ARE FAMILY! ♫”

    It scares the ‘scheisse’ out of them because it dawns on them just what Paris’ father Michael said:
    “♫ You’re Just Another Part Of Me. HEE HEE!! ♫”
    Michael goes “Hee Hee!” ’cause the joke’s on them! They’re not really separate.
    And Michael’s image which is part due from the hands of nature (vitiligo/lupus) & part due from the hands of man (plastic surgery) was INSTRUMENTAL in destroying the folly of the Race Separation system.
    That’s why he was Off The Wall. That’s why he was a Thriller.
    That’s why he was BAD. That’s why he was…DANGEROUS.
    And that’s why they demonized him & ultimately killed him.
    Because he was killing this bad mindgame we play on each other.

    But the damage is done. He already made HIStory by doing this.
    And the legacy he created now carried by Paris (and her brothers) in her physical form AND spiritual essence is INVINCIBLE.
    This is her Destiny as one of The Jacksons. She’s Goin’ Places in this journey & ultimately she will Triumph. She will get the Victory.

    It’s no accident that she’s arrives on the scene in the midst of the xenophobic Trump Era.
    Just like her biological father Michael, she is confounding the categorization.
    They can’t put her safely & neatly into a box just like they couldn’t do with him.
    She will be JUST AS Subversive as he was to this destructive system.
    Her existence is controversy by default & that’s her power.
    A White-passing Black woman who comes from a Black family on 2300 Jackson Street in the ‘hoods of Gary, Indiana.
    From a family raised in racial segregation & Black discrimination in the state of Ku Klux Klan Outpost Indiana & the Deep Confederate South.
    A Bi-Racial woman like this who DARES to say “I’m Black” in an era like this???
    DAN-GER-OUS!!! The girl is so DANGEROUS!

    Notice how Paris is channeling the 1960s in her public appearances.
    The Hippie Look she got going on. It’s no accident.
    That’s the era her father was forged in musically & politically.
    That’s the era of the Revolution which changed this country forever.
    Michael in the Jackson 5 represented the Flower Children & so does she.
    As Bernie Sanders rises to power bringing the Revolutionary spirits of the 1930s & 1960s to modern times in fully energized form, you see Paris continuing the mission of her father who was forged in the Revolution.
    And those who got used to the Status Quo just aren’t ready for this Revolution quite yet.
    That’s why you see them go crazy about this ‘Paris Jackson is Black’ story.
    It’s about what she represents & what she can destroy.

    Brittainy, you can read this post I made in the Michael Jackson Forum of
    I saw all the Race Paranoia going on in there & decided to clear up some things for them.
    Paris drives A LOT of them pure crazy & it’s the same kind of thing that fuels what YOU personally experienced from elements of the Black Community. That unease & distrust. That fear.
    I break down the whole phenomenon to its core & it might help you get a grip on why this insanity about the Bi-Racials, the Mixed, the Swirlies persists. Enjoy!
    “Pro-BLACK or Anti-WHITE: Michael Jackson, Bi-Racials, Black Pride, & The Spectrum of COLOR”

    The formatting of the site changed since I posted this so you might see some awkward code where it once a symbol like a bulletpoint.
    I can’t edit it to make it look it originally did but it’s still fairly easy to read.
    Thanks for this post once again & I’ll make sure to keep up with this website.
    Christmas Merry!
    John Lucas

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