Protesting Police Brutality Through Art

Frank Robinson is a retired pastor and former assistant to COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.  He is also a Multiracial family man. 

In addition, Frank is an artist, and he’s shared with us a work of art he’s created.

Here’s what Frank stated about the work:

“[T]he anti-police brutality triptych, Carcasses of Beasts, Bodies of Men, [is intended] to contribute to our necessary discussion with two main objectives:

1) To acknowledge what is always known among people of color in this nation
2) To invite the dominant culture to listen for those narratives we are constantly programmed to miss.

We cannot hear some voices because of the voices we do hear. So I appeal to our common humanity and talk with pictures. I hope they cause an, ‘I can’t breathe’ moment that is inescapable for many viewers.

So I am introducing the art to my friends, and a bit beyond.”

Here is Frank’s work: Carcasses of Beasts, Bodies of Men:


We look forward to hearing your thoughts about it.

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Published on: October 6, 2017

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