Refreshing Way to Make Those Curls POP!

If you or your child have curly hair then you know that it can be a struggle to keep the curls looking fresh and moisturized. Especially when it comes to messy kids. Keeping their hair frizz-free and the curls looking fresh can be a mystery to parents. That’s where these refreshing tips come in. Hopefully they will be beneficial to you and help your kids (or your) curly hair looking good!

REFRESHING way to make your curls POP - By Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Refreshing Way to Make Those Curls POP!

First what I am going to tell you about is how to easily refresh curls. Either the curls got messed up from sleeping or maybe you have to revive the curls after getting flat from a car seat. Whatever the reason, refreshing is a great way to bring life back to curls.

Bonsai Kids Curl Revival Spray - Photo by Mixed Family Life - Biracial Hair Care

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  • Get a spray water bottle. The easiest to use are the continuous spray ones you can get online or at a store. These are great because you don’t have to keep pumping the spray so it is easier on your hands. This is to add some moisture back into the hair.
  • Another option if you want to save some time is to use a refreshing spray.  We love the Curl Revival Spray by Bonsai Kids. It works great and smells AMAZING! Spray this into the hair instead of water (or after the water) to add some hydration. Curls NEED hydration. It adds a selection of ingredients that helps to revitalize curls. If the hair is on the thinner side you may be able to get away with just using this alone.

  • Next add some sort of leave-in conditioner. This will take some trial and error to figure out what works for you. Thinner hair needs a lighter leave-in. Thicker hair needs a thicker more moisturizing one. We love the Many Ethnicities Leave-In. It is one of our holy grails.

  • Working in sections (depending on how long or thick the hair is) comb the product through using a wide tooth comb or your fingers. For my son I can just do this easily and quickly. For my daughter I work in sections. We re-spray with water before working on a section to help the comb go through easier.

  • Add a little hair oil. Again this will take practice to see which oil works best and how much. I try to error on the side of caution and use less first and see what works from there. We personally use and LOVE Righteous Roots Pre-Poo Hair Oil. It is another product that smells like CUPCAKE HEAVEN! Seriously… so nice. Finger comb this through and smoosh (is that even a real word?) the curls up to help them regain their shape.

  • If your the curls normally have a really hard time holding moisture in, you can also add a light gel. LA Looks works well (and is affordable!) as does DevaCurl gels. Start with less. If the curls end up crunchy once the hair has dried, you can take some more hair oil on your hands and “scrunch out the crunch” so that harder texture goes away and you are left with the moisture sealed in.

That’s it! This is what I do to my son before we go somewhere. I also do this for my daughters hair if it has been in a protective style and I want to refresh a section (or all) of the hair to be free and curly.

Many Ethnicities _ Refreshing way to get curls to POP -by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Have you used this refreshing technique before? What products work for you?

Want to see how we do this? Check out this video:

Thanks for reading (and watching).

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