You Are a River—Frank Robinson

10984101_10153418525043415_700138265520509434_n1Frank Robinson, author of Letters To a Mixed Race Son, creates an illustration titled, You Are a River.
In a world that continues to grapple with notions of race, a loving father writes a series of letters that speak into the life of his biracial son. In the book’s foreword, Bishop Charles Blake introduces us to Frank Robinson and these Letters To a Mixed Race Son. In 1984, Frank Robinson was a young minister serving in southern Alabama, when word got out that he was engaged. It would be an interracial marriage, which quickly became a local controversy, both scandalous and dangerous.
Knowing biracial kids are often not identified by what they are, but by what they are not, I intentionally gave my children permission, invited them to discover, to love, embrace and simply be all that they are.
profileFrank Robinson is a retired pastor, caring for a family member who suffers with Alzheimer’s. He has been married 32 years to Sandra, married in Alabama just after a lynching. In this season of life, he writes and paints. Letters To a Mixed Race Son is available from Amazon and other places. Google “Letters To a Mixed Race Son” to find a few things on youtube and elsewhere.

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