Why You Should Buy a Scalp Massager

Recently I was at the store and I saw this unique looking contraption. It looked sort of like a comb or a pitch fork. But it also looked very intriguing. I am always on the lookout for new things to use for my children’s hair so I bought it. Turns out it was a scalp massager. Thought it would be helpful with shampooing my daughters roots, but turns out there are more benefits to it than just that.

Why you should buy a Scalp Massager by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

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A scalp massager is supposed to be helpful in regards to stimulating hair growth. Not that my daughter needs any help in that area, but I thought that might be of interest to others. It also is very relaxing and is a stress reliever. Have you ever had anybody brush or do your hair? It puts me in a place of Zen and I was hoping using this contraption would do the same for my kids on wash day.

That’s what I originally purchased it for. I was hoping it would feel really nice and relaxing so they would resist a little less. It has really helped in that area since we purchased it. My daughter is even able to help me, and I feel more confident she is getting the shampoo deep into her roots/scalp. See, we only shampoo her roots because she is like me… her scalp sweats a lot and that’s the only part of her hair/head that gets dirty. We don’t shampoo the rest of her hair unless he has been swimming because otherwise it gets too dried out.

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Massager made specifically for Shampoo

We use the scalp massager on my son too and he protests A LOT less. He actually sits and lets me do it, and I think he even enjoys it. I tend to get jealous at this point. (hahaha).  Wouldn’t you like to just sit and have somebody else massage your head? I know I would.

Even though the uses we utilize the scalp massager for are enough for me, it does have more. As I stated above it helps stimulate hair growth, relieves stress, and releases tension. It helps stimulate hair growth by increasing blood circulation to your follicles in your scalp, which means it will receive more nutrients, and thus be more prime to grow.

Why you should buy a Scalp Massager by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

You can do daily scalp massages on natural hair and not just wait until wash day. In my mind, it is a great way to end your night. It helps relax after a long day, conditions the hair and scalp (with the addition of a hair oil), as well as spreading the natural hair oil which helps keep it more moisturized as well.  This should also hopefully help with dry scalp.

We have also incorporated scalp massages when we take out protective styles. This feels great for my daughter after being in a style all week. My son’s hair has struggled to grow on the sides of his head, and I am interested to see if the massages help his hair actually grow. Hopefully I will have an update for you in the near future!

Have any of you incorporated scalp massages into your routine? Have you noticed any differences?

Thanks for reading!

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