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Traditionally, New Orleans is one of the world’s most widely recognized artistic meccas. It is the city which gave birth to Jazz, helped cultivate the ranks of America’s artistic avant-garde, and time and time again stood against all odds to remain as it is and as it will always be, timelessly original. In the vein of so many New Orleanians before him, producer-artist-rapper, Sei, has taken the charge to once again reshape, redefine and reestablish New Orleans as the preeminent locale for music and the arts. Just like the food and the people of New Orleans, Sei’s music borrows bits and pieces of all genres to create something irresistible and unique. Regardless if it is rock or rap; electronica or indie; R&B and classical or otherwise, no form of music is off-limits as an ingredient the virtual musical gumbo that is undeniably Sei’s. Dark and sweet as chocolate; heavy, yet right as rain, Sei’s music explores the complexity of the human condition and the emotions that drive us through songwriting and storytelling, the nexus where reality meets metaphor. For those who listen to the music, note upon sultry note, they become seidists—lovers of Sei’s music and the cause within. As long as there is suffering in the world, there will be seidists who enjoy it, not for the thrill of the pain itself, but for the possibility of making it better through something we all understand: music. That’s how New Orleans does it. That’s how Sei will do it. That’s how the world will know it. And it shall be so… Laissez les mauvais temps rouler.

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Published on: May 17, 2017

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