The Senate Healthcare Bill – An Affront to the Multiracial Community

Healthcare bill The Senate GOP finally released its “healthcare” bill.  We put “healthcare” in quotes because the last thing this healthcare bill cares about is health (at least physical or mental health) of anyone.  It does concern itself with the financial health of the already fabulously wealthy, which is important because what a cataclysm it would be for a person to have to survive on a net worth of $10 billion, when everyone knows you really need $11 billion to make it in this World.

Indeed, just as calling a vampire a platypus doesn’t stop said vampire from sucking your blood, so too, calling the Senate GOP bill a “heathcare” bill doesn’t make it about preserving health.  In point of fact the Senate GOP “healthcare” bill is nothing more than a gigantic transfer of money from the lower middle income and poor to the rich.

Okay, that’s reprehensible, you say, but why should this be an issue of concern to the Multiracial Community? Aren’t there filthy rich members of the Multiracial Community who would benefit from this bill?

Three Reasons the Multiracial Community Should Care About and Oppose the Healthcare Bill

There may be a few.  However, there are real and tangible reasons why the Multiracial Community as a block should care about this bill and should be opposed to it:

First, the Multiracial Community, composed as it is of persons of races that have historically been discriminated against and thereby suffered injustice, should, must and do strongly and mightily oppose injustice and discrimination in all its forms.  And, the Senate GOP healthcare bill is nothing short of outright discrimination (and to use George H.W. Bush’s nomenclature “naked aggression”) against the poor (in cutting Medicaid), against older people (raising the rates paid by the oldest people not eligible for Medicare to 5 times that paid by younger people), against the disabled (in cutting Medicaid), and against women (blocking reimbursements to Planned Parenthood, which provides a range of medical services for women).  Disadvantaging the poor, older people, the disabled, and women is not the hallmark of a just society.  It is, rather, the mark of heartlessness and must not be permitted.

Second, the Senate bill would allow states to reduce coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions (and would also allow insurers to change what they charge consumers).  Yet, as we in the Multiracial Community know, pre-existing conditions and the medical treatments needed to treat same, are a serious issue in our Community. Specifically, it can be incredibly difficult to find bone-marrow donor matches for Multiracial people who have life-threatening illnesses and need bone-marrow transplants.  Such bone-marrow transplants are not cheap, and narrowing coverage for the illnesses that necessitate such treatments (or for the treatments themselves) will have significant impact on those in our Community who already have diagnosed life-threatening disease.  For this reason alone, the bill is objectionable and must not be allowed to be approved.

Third, while the Senate healthcare bill has not yet been scored by the Congressional Budget Office (“CBO”) as of the time of this writing, it is widely assumed and understood that the number of people covered by insurance will be dramatically reduced.  While the passage of Obamacare had the effect of adding 18-22 million people to the insurance rolls (depending on whose analysis you look at), it is believed that the Senate bill will reduce the number of people with insurance by approximately the same number.  In other words, it will wipe out the societal gains of Obamacare, and return us to the same dilemma we had previously – huge swaths of the populace without insurance coverage and subject to financial ruin should they become injured or sick and require medical attention.

So, there you have it.  Of course, do your own research and reading. Look at the bill itself. Read analyses of it. But, don’t sit idly by. Don’t just let this happen. Get active and get activated.  And, if you agree with us, then take the next step of contacting your Senators and telling them to vote “no.”

But do it quickly, because this thing is coming to a vote soon.

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