Simple and Cute Side Pony Tail

Simplicity is key when it comes to trying to do things around our house with 2 little ones and both my husband and I working. This is especially true when doing your daughter’s hair that goes all the way to her knees! I know I struggle at times to figure out new styles to try out and sometimes I just default to something simple but cute.

Simply and Cute Side Pony Tail by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Simple and Cute Side Pony Tail

One of my favorite styles is a low, side pony-tail with a small twist (literally)! It is VERY simple to do so even if you don’t have “hair skills” you can still do it. It satisfies our liking of having her curls free but also my desire to have a semi self-protective style to keep it from getting too knotty and protect it.

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So how do you do it? Seriously its super easy. I tend to either put a braid in the front of the hair or a twist to keep her smaller hair in the front neat. For this particular day we put a twist in. I divide up about an inch wide section starting where we would normally part her hair. Twist that or braid it to the ear. Then I braid it until the end and secure it with a small rubber band.

Simply and Cute Side Pony Tail by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Then I take the rest of the hair and pull it over into a low pony tail. I smooth out the hair with a boar bristle brush and secure it with an ouchless hair tie. Then I just leave her curls free if they are  fresh. If they need a refresh to get them neat then I do that.

Simple and Cute Side Pony Tail by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

That’s it! Seriously. I wouldn’t even call this a tutorial but rather just another idea of a hairstyle to add to your list of options. Super cute and super easy.  To add some fun and interest we add a colorful bow or clip.

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