Stained—Abda Khan

Stained draft.inddStained is a book that centres around the troubles of a young British Pakistani woman, Selina, who after she is raped, goes to extreme lengths to avoid what she sees as shame and dishonour being brought to the family name. However, in doing so, she is led down a dark and dangerous path from which there may be no return. I think the subject matter of the novel is both important and timely, as South Asian and Muslim women around the world continue to suffer as a result of ‘honour’ issues.

headshotAdba Khan is a British Asian woman. She works as a solicitor and runs her own law practice. She is 46 years of age, married with children. She has seen and dealt with, first hand, many of the issues that are explored in the novel, both personally (she was born and raised in a deprived inner city area) and professionally (her law firm is in a working-class, multi-cultural town).

Abda was inspired to write the novel because of her experiences, particularly in dealing with matters pertaining to South Asian and Muslim women. She has come across some truly shocking things that have either been done or endured, all in the name of honour.

The book is being published in the USA on 3 October, but will be available worldwide on Amazon.
It is available for pre-order at

People can find out more from Abda’s website: They can also check me out on my Facebook page at, and on Twitter @abdakhan5.

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