The Midwestern Multiracial Latino Experience, with comedian Kyle Ocasio, Ep. 207

Ep. 207: Dancer-turned-comedian and multiracial family mom, Kyle Ocasio, has had a fascinating multiracial and multicultural Latino experience.  Born and raised in the Midwest (Cleveland), she has a mom who has roots in Central/Eastern Europe, and a dad from Venezuela.  And, she’s had the ability to compare and contrast her Midwestern upbringing with Latino experience elsewhere in the World, having lived in New York now for years and having lived in Argentina for several years as an adolescent. 

So, take a listen, as Kyle describes the multicultural Latino experience, as well as her fondness for Puerto Rican cuisine and culture, for travel, for comedy, and, most of all, for her family.

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Published on: February 10, 2019

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