There’s a Flower Growing Out of Your Neck—Billy Perez

The Art Shack of Puerto Rico

The Art Shack of Puerto Rico

Multiracial Media is proud to announce an alliance with The Art Shack of Puerto Rico. The Art Shack, owned by Keysh Rivera, offers graphic design services, illustrations and art workshops, which combine eating a yummy meal and getting both group and personalized instruction from Keysh, who is an accomplished and very talented artist.

To date, Multiracial Media has sponsored two wine, dine and paint workshops events for The Art Shack. You can read about those here and here.

The first in our series was created by Billy Perez, also of Puerto Rico. It demonstrates both talent and imagination. What does it make you feel and/or think?

There's a flower growing out of your neck.

There’s a flower growing out of your neck, by Bill Perez.

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Published on: August 16, 2016

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