Too white to do my Mixed Kids Hair?

So… in case you didn’t know I am a white woman. I write the weekly hair column for Multiracial Media, as well as have my own site —  Does the fact that I’m white matter to you? I hope it doesn’t but apparently it does to some people.

Yes They are my Kids tee _ Too White to do my Mixed Kids Hair by Mixed Family Life


On my blog I share biracial hair care tips and tutorials, along with sharing stories about our lives as a multiracial family.  It’s about our lives. It’s things I’ve learned and want to share with others so they don’t have to struggle like I did (and still do?) Does the fact that I’m white negate our truths? What I’ve learned? I don’t think so but to some it upsets them that I am a white woman sharing tips on how to do multiracial kids hair.  Even though my multiracial children are half WHITE and half ME… I am not qualified to speak on the subject (apparently).

Too white to do my brown kids hair by Mixed Family Life

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Do you think a white woman can speak to doing multiracial kids hair?  You already know my opinion. I had to learn, read, practice, ask questions, practice more, research, and more practice before I learned how to take care of my kids curls. As for me, I have stick straight hair and don’t put any products in it so their hair came as something completely new to me. I am proud of all that I have accomplished. Not everybody has access to the resources (and people) to learn like I have so I want to share with the world so that multiracial kids all over can grow up loving their hair and themselves. (A great resource explaining multiracial children’s self image is this article by Lisa on MM) 

Has anybody said anything negative to you about your ability to do your multiracial kids hair? Anybody made comments on how you should or shouldn’t do their hair? I would love if you shared these.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your answers!

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