Traveling Tips for Curly Hair – Kids Edition

Traveling with kids is always a task. Us moms (and dads) are always on the lookout for tips on how to make travel easier. Caring for kids with curly hair adds an extra layer of responsibility that I learned some tricks for during our recent little weekend getaway. Hopefully the following traveling tips for curly hair care will make things a little easier for you.

Traveling Tips for Curly Hair - Kids Edition - by Mixed Family Life for Multiracial Media

Traveling Tips for Curly Hair

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  • Put hair in a protective style – Our hotel had a pool and we knew my daughter was going to want to go swimming. We opted for box braids to help minimize the knots as much as possible. The night before you travel, wash/co-wash their hair, pop in a movie, make some popcorn, and get to braiding. It’s actually really easy. We did a look similar to a style we did previously, but with bigger squares/boxes so the braids were a bit bigger and didn’t braid the hair down in the front. We only were gone 4 days so we were able to keep this look the entire time. Traveling Tips for Curly Hair - Protective Style
  • Bring your staples in a plastic Ziploc bag – My son’s hair is too short for a protective style so we had to bring our basics: Curl/Detangler Spray, Leave-In, hair oil, and a wide tooth comb. This is also for those who maybe want to refresh curls so they can be free and wild during their trip.  The Ziploc Bag helps to make sure that the products don’t accidently spill all over! Also don’t forget the hair ties.
  • Rinse hair with water before AND after swimming – Dry hair absorbs moisture. Do you want it to absorb clean water from a shower or chemically  / dirty water from a pool? By rinsing the hair prior to getting into a pool or water park the hair follicles  are less likely to take in the chemicals from the swimming water. Then after swimming rinse hair again. You can also bring with you a travel size of a shampoo to rinse their roots if you want, and then co-wash their hair right away in the shower. Detangle while the hair is still wet and coated with conditioner (this is if you didn’t put it into a protective style) as well.
  • Don’t worry about looking perfect, but don’t forget to care for it – Vacation is about having fun and relaxing. That means going to breakfast looking a mess, in your leggings and hair disheveled. Its ok. This includes your kids. This is why we opted for an easy to maintain protective style that we didn’t have to do anything with. My daughter didn’t have to sit while I detangled her hair, instead she just got to enjoy her time. If you don’t opt for a protective style the entire time, still remember to care for the hair. This will help prevent issues when you get home. Detangle and moisturize it so it doesn’t turn into a knotty nest. Please take the time to keep their hair healthy even when traveling.  Traveling Tips for Curly Hair - Daughter and I
  • Get flight approval sized bottles if flying – If you aren’t driving, like we did, then make sure you double check what sized bottles are approved for flying and transfer your favorite products into them. Label them so you don’t get your steps mixed up!
  • Bring a satin sleep cap/scarf – Don’t forget to bring the cap/scarf to protect the hair while sleeping. Bonus – kids can wear them in the car as well to reduce friction in the car seat. Frizz follows you on vacation! Traveling Tips for Curly Hair - Satin Sleep Bonnet
  • While you are at it, bring a satin pillowcase –  If you want to take it a step further to protect the curls, bring your own satin pillowcase for the hotel.
  • Get a travel sized Micro-fiber towel – Hotel towels are not known for being super soft and the best quality. Bring your own micro-fiber towel or hair wrap. These help cut down on drying time and are gentler on curls.

Thanks for reading! What tips do you have for traveling? Let me know below. I love learning new things.

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