By Catherine Atkins Greenspan and Elizabeth Ann Atkins – Two Sisters Writing

Every time I go on Instagram and see Serena Williams glowingly happy in images with her baby daughter, I feel elated.

On New Year’s Eve, she posted the most adorable video of herself holding baby Olympia as they swing in a really cool silver chair.  Mother and daughter are both wearing pink hoodies and beaming with joy.  I played the video over and over for my college-aged son at our family dinner in a Mexican restaurant.
All the while, my soul danced with happiness as I sat with my own multi-hued family that has courageously pioneered the rugged racial terrain of many decades past, paving the way for a world when images such as Serena Williams and her biracial baby and her husband Alexis are showcased and celebrated the world over.
When my father baptized me as a “Princess of Peace” in the hospital room — after his interracial marriage to my mother sparked a racial and religious scandal — I became ordained to spend my life promoting human harmony.   I do this through a literary ministry, writing books and screenplays and poems and speeches about it.  And very-very-very importantly, I AM THE CHANGE I WISH TO SEE.   This means being an ambassador of kindness, bringing people together, spreading sunshine through words and actions everywhere to everyone.  It means using my multiracial perspective to unite and heal people and situations.
This is an inherent gift for mixed race people.
We embody two or more groups that may not get along.  In fact they may be rife with conflict.
But many of us grow up cooing at a white face and a brown face, and we are loved and nurtured and taught and cuddled and nourished by these individuals of different races.
We love and are loved by both, and we can’t help but emulate that multiracial model of loving and living.
So, as more and more multiracial babies are born, we are populating society with bridge builders, conciliators, healers.
And with the impending nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this spring — and the world’s spotlight shining on their royal wedding — interracial everything is the hottest trend of the millennium.
That’s why I think we should all celebrate 2018 as the Year of the Multiracial.

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