What Is Multiracial Media?

We are members of the Multiracial Community. We know just how few spaces there are for members of our Community to interact, to exchange ideas and to support one another free from judgment, discrimination and prejudice.

Given this, we realized that what was needed was a safe, accessible and beautiful space where those in our Community could visit and be received with open arms, open minds and open hearts so that the range of perspectives within the Multiracial Community could be voiced and explored honestly and with positivity of spirit.

No matter the focus of the work (politics, race, popular culture, education, health), no matter the medium (painting, photography, music, prose, poetry, comedy, film, dance) and no matter whether the content is generated by you (we welcome your submissions and suggestions!) or by us, everything you see on Multiracial Media will be by and about the Multiracial perspective and a supportive exploration of that perspective.

That doesn’t mean we shy away from honest exchange. But, it does mean we aim to support and advocate for the expression of those within the Multiracial Community because we know that our society, any society, benefits from diversity and a healthy and open exchange of ideas.

To learn about the founders, Alex Barnett and Sarah Ratliff, read our “Who We Are.”

The Multiracial Media Mission

Our mission is simple: providing a safe and supportive space for those within the Multiracial Community to voice their perspective and showcase their work. Whether it’s in the form of writing, painting, music, graphics, video, comedy, photography or dance, our goal is to be a platform where all within the Community feel comfortable expressing themselves. Who falls within that Community? We draw no lines and make no exclusions. The spirit of multiracialism is diversity and inclusion, so we welcome all expression that seeks to give voice to the Multiracial experience.


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