Q. What is MultiracialMedia.com?

A platform to showcase the voices and perspectives of the Multiracial Community. It is a space where those within and without the Multiracial Community can see the full range of expression of the Multiracial experience. It’s also a platform for those within the Community to share their work with the rest of the community and the world at large and receive love and support for that work. So, if you’re the next Banksy, you don’t have to find a wall for your art. You can submit it to this site. There’s no commitment, other than to share your voice and show love for the others who do. Of course, if you’d like to give us a nice little “shout-out” on social media or your blog, who are we to say “no.”

Q. Why does the site exist?

That’s simple—the Multiracial Community is growing, as is the diversity of voices within the community. This site exists to provide a safe space for those voices to express themselves.

Q. What type of content is Multiracial Media looking for?

We’re looking for stuff that’s good, or even great. Superb would be even better. In the end, though, most importantly we want your work (in whatever form, including essays, short films, photography, music, paintings and short comedy sketches) as long as it truly represents your voice. Good, great and superb are desirable, of course, but “genuine” is the most desirable of all.

Q. Who can submit content to Multiracial Media?

If you’re part of the Multiracial Community, you can submit. Whether you’re within the Community is up to you to decide. (Hint: if you, your child or your parent had ancestors from one place and other ancestors from another place, it’s a good bet that you’re “in.”) By the way, you also can submit even if you’re not within the Multiracial Community if you have an artistic perspective about the Multiracial experience or Community that you want to share.

Q. What are the restrictions on the content that can be submitted?

This isn’t a kids’ amusement part, but it’s not an “adult” theater either. So, use your judgment. We’re not here to censor, but we do reserve the right not to post submissions if they appear pornographic or if they involve abuse, bullying or hate speech (unless it’s to offer commentary on such topics). Again, we’re not here to be “thought police,” but we do want to make the site a welcoming place for all.

Q. Does Multiracial Media charge for submissions to the site?

No! There’s no charge to express yourself artistically (except for the psychic costs you’re already paying). Also, rest assured that by submitting your content to us, you are merely giving us permission to use it; you still own it. In addition, we will give you full credit because hey, it’s yours, not ours (we know this because we can see your blood, sweat and tears in the corner of your work).

Q. What’s the best way to send you a video of my work?

Multiracial Media doesn’t have the space to host multiple videos, so it’s best to embed the code when submitting your video for consideration. Make sure to include a summary of what it is.

Q. Is there a file size limit on photos?

Yes, it’s 64 mb.

Q. What file formats can my photos be uploaded in?


Q. What file formats can I submit for my writing?

Word files are the easiest, so .doc and .docx, but .rtf and .txt. Multiracial Media can’t accept anything in PDF.

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