Addressing Race, Politics, and Other Provocative Issues Onstage with Comedian, J-L Cauvin, Ep. 217

Ep. 217: J-L Cauvin is a former criminal prosecutor-turned-comedian.  He also is a Multiracial man with Irish and Haitian roots.  As a result, he has a keen eye for race, racial dynamics, and racism in the criminal justice system, in the entertainment world, and in life.  Also, after almost two decades as a comic, J-L has become very adept at addressing race, politics and other “hot button” topics onstage.

J-L has been featured on The Late Late Show, NESN Comedy All Stars, Comics Unleashed, ESPN’s The Dan Lebatard Show and is a regular on The Adam Carolla Show. And, he travels the country performing in America’s most prestigious (and non-prestigious) comedy clubs. He has made a name for himself within comedy for his blog which offers a one-of-a-kind insider honesty about the business and his sketch/impression videos. 

J-L’s act is incredibly diverse and has led to six stand up albums: 2006′s Racial Chameleon, 2008′s Diamond Maker, 2012′s Too Big To Fail and 2013′s Keep My Enemies Closer, 2016’s Israeli Tortoise, which hit #1 on the iTunes comedy chart, and 2019’s Thots & Prayers. He also released 2017’s Fireside Craps, an entire album as Donald Trump which hit #3 on the iTunes comedy chart.

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