African history, Pan-Africanism, and debunking stereotypes through comedy with Justin Williams, Ep. 159

Ep. 159: Justin Williams is Assistant Professor, History at the Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the Center for Worker Education.In addition to teaching, Justin is currently in the process of publishing his research on the history of Pan-Africanism in Ghanaian politics.

Justin also is a stand-up comic with a unique stand-up act, complete with deadpan delivery and a knack for sarcastically pointing out the absurd. As one of New York City’s funniest up-and-coming comics, Justin has performed at comedy festivals across the United States and Canada.  He has also been featured on Comedy Central’s, Mashable, SiriusXM’s Raw Dog Comedy/Foxxhole Radio/Dean Obeidallah Show, The Elite Daily, Men’s Health Magazine, The Kansas City Star, ‘Morning Buzz Live on VH1, ‘Trial by Laughter’ on Comcast, Laughs’ on Fox and ‘The Comedy Show Show’ on Seeso.

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