My Beloved Puerto Rico Beats the Netherlands and Advances to Finals of the World Baseball Classic

Puerto Rico advances to the World Baseball Classic Championship game!

Day in and day out Puerto Rico deals with some harsh blows: first of all, we’re a colony of the United States and we have no control over our destiny; the economy sucks; we’re in debt way past our eyeballs; Monsanto buys up acres upon acres of land to experiment with their Frankenfood and we’re experiencing the largest diaspora since the 1950s as our best and brightest head to the states hoping to eek out a living. Who could blame them? After the U.S. Congress lowered our minimum wage to $4.25 an hour, who can live off that? However, amid all this doom and gloom and the reality of our surroundings, something pretty fantastic is happening to restore happiness and pride: undefeated 7 and 0, last night Puerto Rico beat the Netherlands and is advancing to the finals of the World Baseball Classic. On Wednesday night they’ll play the winner of tonight’s game between the United States and Japan, the latter of whom is also undefeated.

So, This Means We’re One Game Away From Winning the World Baseball Classic Games of 2017!

Full disclosure: I don’t watch baseball and I have zero interest in it. In fact, I had to familiarize myself with this year’s schedule, the players, previous years’ results for Puerto Rico and what’s at stake. However, whether Puerto Rico wins or loses the World Baseball Classic, I am so proud of my adopted home. It had a tough schedule, beating Venezuela, Mexico and Italy two weeks ago. Undefeated 3 and 0, it advanced to meet the Dominican Republic last week. When they played against the D.R. in 2013, an excellent team, they shut Puerto Rico down. So the win against our nearby neighboring island was huge and it boosted moral.

Beating the United States on March 17th just sweetened things for Puerto Rico, so by the time it met up with the Netherlands last night, Puerto Ricans both here on the island and in the U.S. got pretty pumped up. The game hadn’t even started and my Facebook newsfeed was already filling up with memes communicating #PuertoRicoPride!

Posted by my friend Wil Morales.

Posted during the Puerto Rico vs. the Netherlands game in the World Baseball Classic.

This was by my friend Krystian.

Also posted during the Netherlands vs. Puerto Rico game in the World Baseball Classic series.

I wish I could remember whose Facebook timeline I shared this from. Whoever you are, thank you!

Puerto Rico pride during the World Baseball Classic games.

After I posted this on my timeline, comments from other Puerto Ricans came in:

From my friend Cari Deleon, this loosely translates to, Congratulations to the team with blond hair who is elevating the pride of our island. What we want is gold!

Despite that I am from the United States, was born in the Netherlands, am part Japanese and love Mexico, Venezuela and Italy, I chose to live in Puerto Rico. I fell in love with Puerto Rico 9 years ago and this is my home. And while I am not Puerto Rican by birth, I am now and I am #Proud2BBoricua and will absolutely root for la isla del encanto tomorrow night and hope we win the World Baseball Classic.

My name is Sarah and I am one of the founders of Multiracial Media. Not only am I multiracial (Black, Asian and White), but I’ve also lived in or spent long periods of time in several countries, throughout the United States and now my husband and I live on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. I see myself both in terms of my racial and ethnic identity as well as someone who appreciates the food, culture and customs of all nations—like a citizen of the world. Sarah’s World Beat column reflects this.

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2 Responses to My Beloved Puerto Rico Beats the Netherlands and Advances to Finals of the World Baseball Classic

  1. Avatar Alva Cardona says:

    Great article! It is kind of a silver lining the fact that we’re making noise around the world through sports. I wish the world knew more about Puerto Rico and its people and not just our national debt and economic crisis, which is something that has definitely been making headlines around the globe.

    • Avatar Sarah Ratliff says:

      Thank you, Alva! This is so on point! I wish people knew about our amazing contributions, not just the debt or the many, many misconceptions about us. Each little bit of positive news about us helps!

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